Lucas Pérez


You’d think we’d recoup most of that though. He’s a useful player who scored 17 times in La Liga last season and we only got him for 17m because of a release clause.

It seems now he was bought for cover after we couldn’t get our main targets.


Feel sorry for him. I wonder how much of his current lack of game time is his own doing and how much is Wenger’s inability to find some use for him.


Yep. I simply don’t believe that players get bought without Wenger giving it a thumbs up.


From what I’ve heard he has also been injured quite a lot.

But yeah we have such a weird striker policy. Park, Perez, even Poldi and Chamakh to an extent.


I believe Gabriel was also a StatDNA signing too iirc. Wenger must place some trust in them to fast route transfers if they’ve identified a prospect. He does go on about analytics being a big thing in football too.


What an absolute crock of shit.



Wenger just needs to stop talking ffs. Can’t deal with his nonsense any more :no_mouth:


hahahaha I knew this would leave Calum triggered.


So you never play him, but you do want to keep him. Great logic :hipster:


Our Europa League forward next season


You’re probably right, he was bought as cover because of the injury to Welbeck as well as Goroud’s lack of form.
But the problem is Perez is the latest in a long line of strikers Wenger has bought that are just cover.

Perez is a decent player, and hasn’t looked out of his depth at this level, and considering our lack of striking quality, he still can’t get a run in the first team.

When Wenger spends as much money as he did on Perez, he usually scouts those players for ages, so he must have wanted him for the first team or he wouldn’t have bought him.

This ranks as one of the most bizarre transfers Wenger has ever made, considering what he cost.


Yeah keep him as the designated water boy.




16million is small change these days since the PL money has increased by around 50%. That means it is what 10m was a couple of seasons ago, or less before then. You have Leicester and Palace spending 30 million on forwards

We know he wasn’t first choice, we know we failed to get Vardy and Lacazette and we will have tried to get other players.

I like Lucas though, pity he wasn’t played more for me.


Lucas finding a new career as Harry Potter to keep himself busy :joy:


He literally has nothing else to do lol


yeah he might as well just enjoy the rest of the time he has left in London


I never understood what people meant when they said players signed for us “coz London” but seeing Pezzer at Harry Potter world, I totally get it now.


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Keep in mind that we still have Joel Campbell and Takuma Asano on our books…