Lucas Perez (Transfer complete)


We’re being linked to Lucas Perez from Deportivo tonight. Reported €20m release clause.

I’ve seen a couple of people of Twitter compare him to David Villa…

@AbouCuellar ??


Haha I was actually thinking of making a topic on him before this link because when thinking of strikers we could potentially sign the only name that came to mind was his.

Where’s the link from?

I watched him on Friday, he assisted from a set piece and scored a penalty. Aside from that I’m not sure I watched Depor in a full match last season, but the Galicians speak highly of him and from what I can see from highlights and just general knowledge he’s got a bit of David villa in him. Dunno if he’s as athletic as David was in his prime, and who knows if he can be as prolific as David was in a big club. I would take him because we’re so desperate but I definitely wouldn’t be sure about him not doing a soldado nor do I know how well he would take to being a lone striker, he usually has company with Depor.

Sorry haha I suck on the phone and pushed reply before I was done by accident.


We’re more likely to sign Sergio Perez, than this guy :wilshere:


Someone made a good point on Twitter. Everton now have Leicester’s old scout. If he is responsible for them being after Perez then that might be a good sign.


Lucas Perez and Musacchio :heart_eyes:


so he is madness


I’m sure I predicted we’d sign this guy in some random thread in the Reserves section on the old site after it was revealed we had a rep at one of Deportivo’s games :smiley:

I follow one Deportivo fan on Twitter and he’s crazy about him.


No, that is likely Griezmann.


Is it his boyfriend? :slight_smile:


Is he any good? If I was him I’d go to Everton tbh but I hope we get him just for striker depth.


Is this that guy who had one awesome pre-season game for us, with the ponytail?


nope, you are remembering Sebastian Perez, the colombian midfielder. This is Lucas, spanish striker who plays for Depor La Coruna.



Wow, that’s a strong link. Says its surely going to happen. And el confidencial is a good source.





He must be decent if he scored 17 goals in La Liga no?


He reminds me to David Villa. :heart_eyes:


seems quite good looking at youtube clips…seems quite clinical but to be fair I do not know anything about him I can’t honestly say I have ever really seen him play. Is he a flash in the pan or quite solid?


He’s nearly 28 and this is the first time he’s reached double figures in league goals in his career.

Maybe he’s only just peaking now but it’d imagine it’d be hard for many to get excited about this.