Lucas Paqueta

Not sure how wise it is to rely on Patino like that. I guess I trust him surrounded by a couple of pros in EL and cup games but he is still very much an unknown entity.

Put a cheeky £10 on him coming to the Arse.

Yes but this could be his breakthrough season. I really like the kid and looked good when I have seen him play. Plus we have plenty of options at No.8 and No.10, so as it stands he would be 5th choice and wouldn’t need to rely on him but could be an opportunity to get him some good game time.

I think that’s where he’ll get his chances. In cups and the EL games. I don’t see him getting that much game time in the PL unless he really forces Arteta with his performances.

I think the 5 sub rule this year in the Pl could be a game changer and gives Arteta the ability to give game time to players at the end of the game, when hopefully things are comfortable

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every time I saw him for Milan he was bang average.

Would maybe pay £10m for him to come as squad filler and for the odd chance he gits gud. £15m tops.

Take a shot every time someone says they’ve watched him for Milan and they weren’t impressed.

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It doesn’t preclude him moving here and playing well. Players grow as people, they develop new skills, go to different systems and etc.

Look at Cancelo. Had a cup of coffee with Juventus, before that was putzing around with Valencia, but idk that anyone thought he’d become the player he ended up being.

The issue then becomes the fee and the wages. Do we want to pay Lyon £60m for a guy who didn’t really cut it at a higher level the last time he played in a better league?


For what is worth I wasn’t impressed with him at Milan either.
He is good for Brazil and Lyon but he’s not my cup of tea. He is like most Brazilians though a bit of nuisance.

Anyway, I doubt he costs that much unless Lyon consider what Newcastle paid for Bruno in January the new standard. I reckon we can get him for ~40m.
His versatility is a big plus, he can fill in multiple positions.
For all we know he’s the anti-Raphinha considering they have similar attributes.

Even that seems high

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Is this dude even real or have they simply combined Mikel’s name with Pac Man

Surely not?

  • 24 years old
  • Contract expires 2025
  • Brazil international, and a starter for them as well
  • Extremely versatile
  • Lyon’s best player and one of the best in the league
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Lol, he’s very real and has a very shitty goatee.
He’s a part-time dancer too.

Proper irritating player. One of those you want to be high booted. Very fun watching him and Neymar play street football while a tournament was ongoing last summer.

He can dance if he wants to. He can leave his friends behind

I would definitely fancy a late goal from this prick at that toilet of a stadium Spurs built and then goes on to celebrate it dancing like a twat in front of their fans. :syringe:

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There’s nothing wrong with that dancing as far as I can see :eyes:

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As long as it doesn’t happen against us, because this twat has PL written all over him and I would bet he ends up at Newcastle if not here.

Like an uncle at a bar mitzvah after hitting the free Stella. 10/10


Hey @Mondo! :wave:

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Hey! Someone actually remembers me? Last time I was on here was back in the days of the legend that is Rass Henry. Since then, I got married, quit my job, moved to the US, two kids, and we still haven’t won the league! :man_shrugging:t3:

Nevertheless, it’s good to be back on here keeping up with all that is both relevant and irrelevant.