Lucas Paqueta

I will never understand how grown adults stand in front of a camera and record themselves dancing.


Not enough mentioned about this flop. Glad it was only some fans twerking for him and not the club.


The worst humans


There are people who eat burgers with a knife n fork, Sol.

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What was so special about those moves?

Would like to see him under a coach who wants to ball but yeah he’s been underwhelming.

I honestly fucking hate it so much. Ok maybe one time it’s cool if you do some move that matches the beat of the song, but I cannot understand how people genuinely become famous for doing that exact same thing over and over again.


What’s with all these short videos having obnoxious music as well.

I blame young people.

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I thought the same thing until she turned around and started moving those hips.

Nice. Did you rub one out bro? x

Ive muted you so dont see any of your replies, but for some strange reason I decided to have a look at what you replied to me with here, and you havent surprised me.

Im sure Jake wrote something about a lady’s hips in the Reality thread and you didn’t say a bean, I mention it above and you want to reply with that?


It’s cute when I do it.

Nah, chances are he just doesn’t dip into the Reality TV thread. Bavin is an equal opportunities pisstaker, he wouldn’t hesitate to take the piss out of me.


:man_shrugging: :wenger: