Lucas Paqueta

Fullback is their only real ‘weak’ spot.

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I also get nervous with signings from Lyon anyway.

Aouar was looking good and supposedly worth 50m+bids. Now can’t even land at Forest.
N’Dombele big hot shot gets a 50m move to Spurs and completely flops.
Lacazette big 50m move, looked good for a while but never lived up to the price and eventually went turd.
Paqueta… ?

Talent obviously there in all 3 cases but there’s something usually off about a big signing from Lyon. Aulas must be pissing himself.

Easy fix. Don’t use any.

Using bums like Emerson Royal there or former players like Dani Alves isn’t the way.

They’re stacked with CBs too. Just use 3atb.

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Yeah I remember him from Milano too and if he hasn’t improved since he left I’m glad we had nothing to do with him, an extremely average player.

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Lot of money.

That’s a lot of money West Ham are spending.
Are their owners becoming ambitious or are they spending the money they’re going to get from selling Rice or Bowen?

Rice, Soucek and Paqueta is a very good midfield three on paper.


I’m really surprised that Newcastle have chosen to keep their powder dry.

Spurs too. A number of PL teams took a pass for whatever reason.

Us also Partey, Xhaka, Elneny and Lokonga isn’t a great 4 options if you’re looking to reach lofty standards.

Nowhere near as good as Bruno g

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Jesus christ.

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Psh. Moyes is definitely being backed.

He was considerably cheaper, especially once you factor in wages, but it feels like we effectively chose Vieira over Paqueta this summer. Two left footed attacking midfielders who can also play a bit on the RW, both pretty clearly within our capability to sign.

Arteta may end up vindicated in time but that’s a decision that will surely be scrutinized in the coming years.


Especially if we get another biggish signing over the line this window.

Sent him dancing back to the favelas. :man_dancing:


He is so good.

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Lucas Paqueta 2022/203 highlights - Next Michael Jackson?