Luca from Italy


What are the chances of Luca being reinstated? I know we talked about him in the Randomly Nothing thread and while I don’t know the ins and outs of why he’s banned (probably best to keep that private) it’s a shame the ban is so incredibly long.

It’s a biased stance, but I’d like to see him back. However, I can appreciate that he’s rubbed some people up the wrong way and the colourful, industrial language wasn’t in keeping with the overall ethos of OA.

It’s a shame we can’t see a phased return of some sort…?

(Please feel free to close the thread if it’s too leading, I was just looking for practical solutions, maybe…)

Before Mods decide to close this, can I request mod to allow me to use this thread as a tribute to Luca and express my goodbye



One last time.

Pour one out. :beer:


He should have been permanently banned a long time ago but we gave him so many chances. Significantly more than we have other members in the past. It wasn’t an easy decision to make but he could have been banned for just anti-Semitic outbursts a couple months ago alone. He said some frankly outrageous things and we still have him another chance.

He was brought back from his most recent ban and given a set of conditions to follow and failed to adhere to them on multiple occasions. There’s a lot he did and said and he’s totally deserving of this ban.

Luca is a regular member of RedCafe who rarely resorts to childish outbursts and attention seeking behaviour. Here he was nothing short of a total disaster and that’s simply because he didn’t respect the opportunities we gave him.

I can see no valid reason for why Luca should be given another chance after over half a decade of frankly taking the piss. If Luca really valued the forum he’s have been the same reasonably rational poster here as he is over at RedCafe.

I can appreciate he’s not a bad guy but he over stepped the mark for years and in the end there was no justifiable reason for giving him any more chances.


The amount of chances he was given is a testament to this place and how it’s run. The banhammer is a rare thing on this site and I’m glad.

Just a shame our resident Italian couldn’t rein it in a bit.


I think SRCJJ has summed it up perfectly really. I don’t think people geniunely realise how long of an issue this has been going on for and how much it’s spiralled out of control. He’s been heavily abusing the system, as well talking to mods and some members in a quite frankly unacceptable manner for a long time and it’s become unmanageable to continue. There’s nothing more to talk about that hasn’t already been mentioned about in randomly nothing.

Luca’s not the first long standing member to depart. It’s a shame but he made his bed and has to deal with the consequences. People need to respect the decision and kindly move on from it. The case is closed, and it will not be overturned.

And on that note, thread closed.