I’d argue all this has made Slot’s honeymoon period a lot harder. I genuinely have been of the opinion all season up that Klopp had this squad overachieving and that is quickly proving true. How Slot can swiftly fix it feels very hard to imagine to me right now.



Looking forward to these guys becoming irrelevant again. As much as the likes of Danny Murphy would like to believe Liverpool will be in the race for the title again next season, it’s just not going to happen. I think they’ll start strong under the new manager, kind of like Spurs with Ange, but the longer the season goes, the more the inadequacies in their squad will come to the fore.

In the end, as well as Klopp has done in his time at Liverpool, I’d be disappointed if Arteta only wins 1 league, 1 CL and 1 FA CUP with this team. (don’t care about the other trophies).

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Tbh competing with pep etc, I won’t be disappointed if we end with only 1 league and 1 CL.

We’ve been absolutely super for the last 2 seasons bar the final 10 games last season and have pretty much come away empty handed barring a west ham miracle Sunday.

Shows how hard it is to win these trophies atm.


I’m with @Aussiegooner on this. I don’t buy into this “domination” Arsenal will have over the rest of the league once the bald chequebook manager retires. It won’t even be as good as Wenger’s incredible purple patch between 02 and 05.

I’d just take 1 league title at this stage. A CL would be out of this world (things always tend to conspire against us in Europe). I’ve always championed doing better in the domestic cups- it gives the players a taste of winning.

Domination is also very dependent on how long we can keep this bunch of players together. With Real reportedly sniffing around Saliba, it’s difficult to keep the sharks at bay.



Wenger’s last games were awkward. The same crowd had been asking for his head 3 months prior. And it didn’t help that the team was crap. So the outpouring of love didn’t feel authentic.

With Klopp, they don’t want him to leave.

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Am expecting Arteta to stay with Arsenal for the foreseeable future. Given his progression as a manager in these last few years, there is no reason to believe he won’t keep improving and evolving. Of course a lot of will depend on our recruitment but if Edu can keep doing as well as he has been, we’ll continue to be competitive for the coming years.

So with that in mind, if Mikel were to leave, many many years from now, with just 1 PL and 1 CL, I think he would have not done justice to the promise he’s shown so far.

It will depend on the quality of our squad. If we can get 3 good players this summer, we’ll go much deeper in the Cup competitions next season.

As a rival fan, I say good riddance. He’s a top manager, one of the very best over the past 10+ years.

Liverpool will be weaker without him. Simple.

They’re into new project territory again. Absolutely zero guarantee they get back to challenging soon.

Great news for Arsenal as we should be City’s only real challengers for the next season at least.


Very intriguing to see how they go forward from now.

I think they will struggle, Klopp fit perfectly into the club culture which can be a hard fit. See Brendan Rodgers.

Here’s me reading too much into a nice moment. Van Dijk is leaving Liverpool too

VVD has been average for 2 seasons now, absolute joke being included in TOTS.

nah he went through an average spell but has been fantastic this season

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Relax with average. He’s been tremendous for the majority of the season and dropped a bit in recent months.

Won them their only trophy this season too.

Footage of Nunez not applauding Klopp during the guard of honour. It’s safe to say Liverpool fans have completely turned on the theory of Darwin. Devolution. [Opta Joe]

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I thought that was an overreaction over a short clip from Klopp’s final team talk. Nunez was visible in like 2 frames and you couldn’t tell if he was clapping or not.

But then I saw this.

Hasn’t taken well being benched, has he? Good thing for him is a new guy is coming in. However, Liverpool fans are ruthless. They won’t let this slide.


I’d be surprised if it wasn’t after Klopp started chanting his name yesterday.

No pressure mate, just one of the greatest Liverpool coaches of all-time to replace.

I think they’ll be decent still

Good a good attack that wins them games

Will get top 4 next year