A lot of football fans will quickly abandon their morales if it means they get more success. Even Scousers :slight_smile:

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Hopefully someone british can afford to buy them and keep running them properly. I mean british isn’t really key but feels more likely to not turn them into another chelsea.

Don’t need another oil club.

I didn’t mean Liverpool as in the fans I meant FSG. I reckon they’ll do what Milan owners did and sell off to another group of American investors

Not sure about that. Maybe 5 years ago when they were the sad fans that hadn’t won a title in a generation they’d do anything to be at the top again (similar to Newcastle fans), but when you have recent success like they do, selling out for success probably isn’t something you’re absolutely desperate for.



Probably the best time for their owners to cash in. Doubt the TV money will be quite as high in the next few years and can’t see value of the club getting higher.


They’re going to make so much money and have run a successful club. Living the dream.

Originally bought their stake for £300m, now worth around 4bn

That kind of gain can never be replicated in football at this point


I know Stan bought stakes at all kinds of times and prices but in my head I have it at something like £700-800m he paid for Arsenal over the years? Might be about the only one to even come close.

It really shows the power of the brand. Basically keep it strong enough and then when you have a purple patch of 3 ish good years you can cash in on that.

Now you’d probably have to plough 1-2bn into a City or Newcastle and hope you got the 3-4bn back someday 15+ years away.


I think the number of bidders and eventual price of Chelsea surprised a lot of people.

FSG probably also see the writing on the wall with Newcastle and Man City. What you think big clubs will be worth long term is a more complicated question, but from a success on pitch standpoint they’re selling high.


I’m seeing it suggested the ESL reaction was bigger driver more than anything, which does make sense in terms of overall value seeing as it DOA now.

If you think we’re at or close to the absolute peak in terms of total revenue generation, it makes sense to cash out now. I wonder if KSE is thinking along the same lines

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Klopp is actually such a whinger and moaner now a days, used to like him but not really anymore


Let’s see what Klopp and their fans will say about this. :grin:


We are absolutely fuckd. If you didnt think the Prem is competitive enough … Its crucial we win it this season. We might have to wait 100+ years before another title.


So all the teams are going to be owned by oil cunts.

What’s happened to your boy @Aussiegooner?
Slowly losing it.

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I’m not ruling him out as lost it yet, it was only several months ago they had a 92 point season, made a CL final and won both domestic cups.

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Did Liverpool run out of asthma medication or what? Nunez must make up 90% of those sprints as well.

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Not running for the manager anymore

I wrote something a little while ago on twitter about how Klopps high intensity game plan needs to stay fresh for it to work.
Constant turnover of new players/coaches to keep it new and exciting.

The players are hearing the same voice and instruction everyday.