Liverpool Vs Arsenal (Premier League) 2-2

Sunday 2023-04-09T15:30:00Z

:tv: Sky Sports

Easter Sunday in Liverpool for the Arsenal. Lets hope its a memorable one.

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Liverpool win

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Martinelli - Jesus - Saka up top please.


The Jesus puns will reach levels we’ve never seen before next week.

Edit: it’s already started


They are there for the taking. Need to go there and make another massive statement. Lets fucking go!!!


Pool defence got pulled ragged today. No reason we can’t do the same to them.


So badly want to win at Anfield.


I will never predict. Win at Anfield


Fully prepared to dominate the ball and get sucker punched by mo salah x diogo jota.

If Liverpool didn’t embarrass Man Utd like they did a while ago I think people would be more confident going thwre.

It is worth remembering though that Liverpool actually played pretty poorly in that first half and you could argue Man Utd should have been ahead at HT that day.

They’re gonna give us chances. We gotta convert them. Need away days Gabriel to have another monsterclass and hopefully Saliba can be available too.

I feel that Pool will start all hair on fire and if we can survive that first 20-25 min, they will lose heart and we can grid it out… they don’t have the same belief of previous years and they look like they are giving up on the Klopp project. Reckon we win 2-1 holding them off down the stretch in a huge 3 points.

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I wouldn’t mind sucker punching them…literally.


Today’s result is shit for a couple of reasons, there’s no way they don’t look to respond next weekend. Going to be a rough game


I’m not confident.

They should be fatigued and hopefully they aren’t bouncing off a decent result against Chelsea.

Liverpool are mid table but have one of the best home records this season so the pressure is on them to go for the win, which might be to our advantage.

Their defence looks as shaky as ours did last season and defenders like VVD and TAA aren’t nearly as effective as they were when Liverpool were challenging for the title, so they’ll struggle to keep out the likes of Saka, Odegaard, Jesus, Martinelli, Trossard, etc.

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They play on Tuesday first I believe

Yeh away to Chelsea, it’s a hell of a week for them although I do consider them a different animal at home.

As GC mentioned the United result is a cause of concern. Still funny though

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This Liverpool team are still good at home so I’d be happy with a draw in this fixture.


Said in the Liverpool thread that any time we’ve won the title we seem to have a positive result at Anfield. Maybe it’s the memory playing tricks but definitely remember a Pires winner in 03/04 and obviously the famous night in 89. We get something there next weekend and I’ll start believing.


God forbid if Arsenal lose, we will only be 2 points ahead of city and still a visit to Etihad left considering city win their games in hand.

Could be title deciding week. Arsenal.must. not. Lose.


Not for me.

Trossard is undroppable