Liverpool Vs Arsenal (PL)

Well 30 years since that game at Anfield. Can we make another memory next Saturday?

Just don’t lose lads. I’ll gladly take a point here but would LOVE an announcement win from this new look Arsenal. COYG!! :red_circle::white_circle:

  • Arsenal win
  • Liverpool win
  • Draw

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Our annual Anfield spanking. Good that we atleast has 6 points in the bag already.


Let’s just get this ass whooping over with so we can continue our season.


Think we could get at least a point from this game


Would take a 1-0 loss right now if it was offered to me. Those 4-0 and 5-0 are so hard to take every season.

Losers mentality. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We might be playing them at a good time.

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No short goalkicks is all.

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Fuck it, i’m going for an Arsenal win. 1-2.


We’ll lose but I just want to see a respectable performance. They and City are still a class above right now and we are in the beginning of some massive shifts in personnel.


I think Liverpool will win but we won’t be outplayed like in previous seasons.
There will be very little pressure on us so we might even get a draw out of it.

Pepe to formally announce himself to the league.

If Chelsea can outplay them with their team then we should be turning Liverpool over for fun next week

We’re all high on Monreal, but he’s gonna get turned inside out next week.

But Emery usually sets us up well in the big games, it’s games like today where we struggle. So let’s see.

We’ll probably lose.

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I think we’ll get comfortably, that’s why it was imperative we won our first 2 favourable fixtures.

Liverpool are actually terrible at the back this season and Adrian is a terrible goal keeper. We MUST take advantage of this

We are not wining this might as well drop the soap and take what is coming :joy:


I think we’ll give them a game, it’s not beyond us to get a result but we’ll just have to wait and see. At the very least I don’t think it will be a humiliation. I’d like to see us have a bit more of a go than last year, take the game to them a bit. Our best defence lies in attack I think and if we can get some service into Auba we might pull something out of the bag.

I caught most of their second half today on the radio, doesn’t sound like they were in top form.

30 to 3 attempts lol. That’s football

Draw this and title charge is on.

I’m gassed after seeing us in our kits. COYG