Liverpool Vs Arsenal (PL)

Premier League Match 20
Saturday 29 December 2018
KO: 17:30

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Liverpool win
  • Liverpool madness

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Do I even watch?

We’re winning this one

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I think 3-0 or 3-1 Liverpool, that’s not really madness is it ? Aubameyang might grab a goal for us.

Not making my usual prediction in case I get the 6 right but for the wrong team. :dizzy_face:

4-0 to lolpool

Our midfield and defense and is horrendous and our GK has a mistake in him every game going away to the best side in the league currently who have only let in 7 goals in 19 games and have probably the best front 3 in the league.

5-0 Liverpool sadly I think :pensive:

A loss that will flatter us as we keep a respectable scoreline after getting absolutely Mullered for 3/4 of the game.

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I reckon we should just not bother turning up. I’d take the 3-0 defeat.


Liverpool to win 4 to 5 goals. Maybe we fluke a goal somewhere in the 90 minutes. If Emery gets a draw out of this, he should be knighted and made a Sir.

We look tired and out on our feet. We badly need two or three signings in January not just one, just to keep us in the race for top 4. Our defense even with Mustafi and Bellerin looks poor. Torreira looks tired in the last few games. Ozil I think is on the way out, Emery clearly doesnt rate him. Auba needs to take his chances more clinically, don’t mind him been top scorer right now but he could be way ahead if he took his more easier chances. I don’t think Emery fancies Laca as a player. Licensteiner can’t play on Saturday, he get murder by Liverpool’s forward line. Kos looks finished to me as a top class CB. Leno has a mistake in him.

Tough time ahead for the Arsenal.

got a feeling it will be something like 4-1 to them :santi:

Since 2014 we have conceeded 17!! goals at Anfield

Could be one of those where they blitz us with goals in the first half an hour or we might hold out a while longer, but can you really see us not conceding at least 3? This fixture always produces anyway, usually for them

5-2 Liverpool

Did we ‘rest up’ Laca and Ozil so they’re fit when we are thrashed at Anfield?
Anw, if we get a point I’ll be happy but I’m not expecting something against this Liverpool at Anfield.

Liverpool 4 - 0 Arsenal
Liverpool 3 - 1 Arsenal
Liverpool 3 - 3 Arsenal
Liverpool 2 - 2 Arsenal
Liverpool 5 - 1 Arsenal
Liverpool 0 - 2 Arsenal

Our last 6 league results at Anfield if anyone’s interested

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Reckon this will be ugly… 3-0 or 4-0… maybe we nick a goal at some point… we are a shambles at back with injuries and we don’t look convincing at all right now… bad timing to get them for both teams. Hopefully it is wake-up call and not a demoralizing rout that we have hangover from.

and a 4-4 before that.

We won’t lose this game I can assure you lot of that.

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I wish I shared your confidence… and your drugs…


I’m starting my complaint PM now.

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