Liverpool Vs Arsenal (PL)

Massive game. We haven’t beaten Liverpool since April 2015 and haven’t won at Anfield since August 2012.

This is the time to end both these records. Come on Arsenal! We need a big performance and win after the recent horror shows. I’ll admit I am very nervous about this game. Mane against our defence concerns me greatly. I really want us to win but can’t see it. Liverpool win or draw at best sadly.[poll public=true]

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When you see Calum starting the match thread.

Basically need to put in our best performance in ages, but unsure if our lot can really do that on current form. Plus Klopp has that undefeated record against the top 6. Draw at best I feel.


LOL :joy:

Yeah prepare for a 4-0 Loss lads. Had a look @Mysty and the match threads I have made recently are Bayern (a) Watford (h) Bournemouth (a) Everton (a) PSG (h)

Last win was Bournemouth (h) in November! This shit run will end soon though :wink:

Is there any chance we can transfer you to a Spurs forum for the rest of the season and fuck their season up instead? :grimacing:


You can’t play for three teams in the one season @mysty against the rules. Was already transferred to last Tuesday! :wink:


This one will have meaning. I think it’ll be an Arsenal win, 3-2 or something.

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Play the best team available and don’t fucking think about Bayern, an useless game.

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We Are Going To Get Fucked.


Last time we played Liverpool away. Giroud did a madness…


They will treat this like a cup final and run us into the ground. Mustafi form worries me for this one.
Think we will get ripped apart sadly 4 1.

So did Joel Campbell. That pass tho :heart_eyes:


How ballin’ was that away top? so much better than the one we have this season IMO


I miss Sakho :joy:, wish he was still playing for them.


stroller mate you have appeared to have missed out the word again after the bolded :wink:

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If we can get a couple of our 7 up front to help out at the back we may not get tonked…
And as a seasoned campaigner i fucking hate Liverpool…

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My last three at Anfield have been 4-4, 3-3 and 2-2, so inevitably therefore…

5-5 and me to carp about missing all this season’s decent games again :sunglasses:

The usual late headed Liverpool equaliser, probably from Skrtel


Bfg to duck…


Two ways to beat Klopp’s Liverpool

  1. Stifle them through outright park de bus counter attacking football.

  2. Go toe to toe with them in an open attacking game of aggressive counterpressing high up the pitch and hope your defence has less unforced errors than Liverpool’s by the end of the game.


We will lose 6-1 if we go with the second option

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Shame this game is meaningless :pensive: Watford killed my delusion that we’d win the league.


This has all the hallmarks of a classic late era Arsene performance. We’ll get the tough talk before the match, some baffling selection choices (Ox on the wing or Ramsey/Xhaka midfield partnership), a comprehensive loss and some bullshit about not being fit enough or focused enough after the match.

3-0 Liverpool