Liverpool v Arsenal (PL)

Arsene only copped Klopp 3 times at Anfield though, 3-3 when Klopp took over the average Liverpool team, then 3-1 and 4-0 beltings.

Since our last win at Anfield we have gone 0-2-7 conceding 32 goals in 9 league games hahahah.


Everton usually get battered at Anfield tbh.

The 5-2 stands out along with the two 4-0s in 2016 and 2014.

The win in their most recent league fixture at Anfield puts a little gloss on it for Everton.


Yeah it was the first since 1999. Ours does feel a little more bruising tbf.

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I have to say I’m afraid that I’m still thinking about our thrashing at the weekend and our awful second half collapse.

Makes me feel we’ve spent 200m on the Edu and Arteta project to make no progress and the more I think about it the more I go nuts.

Our negative goal difference in the season to date makes me feel even more doubtful about where we’re going.

Definitely have the next 6 weeks as the test for whether Liverpool was a blip from a young team or just a sign of how bad we’ve now become.

Hopefully a few good weeks ahead now to restore my mood but anything less than 3 points on Saturday will have me going spare.


I’d go into any season expecting, and not worrying about, losing away to City and Liverpool. Yes it was a bad scoreline, but in a practical sense all it impacts is GD which is already awful.

We won’t get the position in the league we want by getting a draw at Anfield, it’s winning against the lower teams that’ll do it

Hence we need 7/9 vs Newcastle, United and Everton in the next 10 days.

We’re not that bad. Liverpool always treat our games with much more vigour than anyone else. They won’t press with this much intensity till the latter stages of the CL.
Our weak backbone stigma still exists and Liverpool prey on that like rabid dogs each time we go there and it works for them.

So we get battered at Anfield worse than almost every other top flight side because Liverpool try much harder against us than they do against others, as opposed to it being a reflection of our inadequacies as a team? Why would Liverpool reserve special effort to batter us once a season but hold back versus other teams and only beat them 1 or 2 nil?

Not buying it in the slightest lol.


You don’t have to buy it because it’s a fact. They always raise their game against us. We don’t help ourselves by letting them run over us either. Our last three managers have all gone up there and got rampaged.

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I doubt if they raise their game any more than they would do if they were playing Man U, Chelsea, Everton, Man City or any other top club.

If it was true, why don’t we raise our game when we play them?

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They use a high press in most of their big games, but it’s super effective against us because they know we have the capacity to capitulate.

Liverpool also show more respect to other big clubs who go to Anfield - the high press is there but they aren’t so belligerent with it because there is the fear of what those teams can do back to them.

When we come though, it’s like they can smell blood in the water. They know we are vulnerable to intimidation whereas the likes of Chelsea and City will have the aggression / balls / character to stand up to it.


Saying that Liverpool always raise their game against us is absolutely not a fact, it’s evidently an opinion mate lol

Everton aren’t a top club though.

The reason we get beaten so comprehensively by the big clubs, is because they know our biggest weakness is our lack of goal threat.

We’ve played twelve PL games and in eight of them, we’ve either scored one or not at all and that includes Norwich, Burnley, Brentford, Watford and Brighton.

So when big clubs take the lead against us, they know they can go for more, rather than defending a lead, because we are unlikely to score.

In the few games where we have won and scored more, like against spurs and Aston Villa, they were both teams in poor form that went on to sack their managers.

Being outplayed and thrashed by big clubs will continue, as long as our attack remains so ineffective.


That’s true but it is a local derby where you would expect Everton to raise their game.

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Spot on mate. Fun fact Newcastle have scored more than we have this season :joy::rofl:


This ^. Our press resistance is garbage and it’s systemic, the channels we seemingly try to play out through we can’t play out through. Same thing often against them. Last game they came out even hornier in the 2nd half even though they were up 2-0 (or was it 1-0?). How is that even happening lol I think that’s why they like playibg against us, their running pays off


Haha, I love this :grin:


Exactly this and also the better teams are technical enough to break their press

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