Liverpool v Arsenal (PL)

Liverpool v Arsenal

Saturday 20 November, 17:30
Premier League

Time to make a statement.


  • Liverpool win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Before @shamrockgooner


Gotta see who gets through the interlull before I make a prediction.

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As I said, time to make a statement.
Beat Liverpool at Anfield and you’re not only sending a message that you’re a true Top 4 contender but you may become the dark horse to win the league with the relaxed schedule.

Pretty sure its a Saturday game @GC-Maniac :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless Arteta gets badly injured, and has to retire, there is no need to wait mate…

It’s VVD against the world right now lol

Matip looking shaky AF

We need to turn up away at a big away game at some point, but I’m still not confident this will be the one

Arteta should be taking lessons from West Ham.


Nothing’s gonna stop us now

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Can you imagine the Scouser tears if we beat them?
Klopp will be bitching as per, blaming the grass, the wind, Arteta’s lego hair, Auba’s forehead, etc.


I think we’re in for an upset to be honest.

We’re certainly due one as well


Good to know careful consideration goes into these 6-0 predictions


We would be above them, IF this happened…

(It won’t, but you never know!)

Alternative match outcome poll
  • Arsenal win (Fantastic)
  • Draw (Pretty Good)
  • DavidHillier meltdown

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To reflect the fact that no matter the outcome, we’re in for some fun :grinning:

I think Liverpool will be pissed at losing to West Ham, and will want to prove a point.

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No chance we come away with a result here largely because the intensity of our game won’t force Liverpool into mistakes. We’re the type of team who’s going to poke and probe and that just doesn’t really breed success against a team of Liverpool calibre.


Also even when we do score first we tend to sit off of teams, can’t be like that against this lot. Have to go for the jugular


Yeah we did this last season tbh

It was disgusting

I’m sure he’ll find a way to get some advice from his former boss :skier:

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