Liverpool thread


It sounds very similar to hindi slang yeda which means idiot


It sounds stupid :man_facepalming: thanks for the definition, though


Silly Scotch slang


It’s not so much that, lol. It’s more so that ending a debate with a suggestion that one of the participants is a bigoted right-winger just seems childish. I know it was tongue-in-cheek, but still…

Ah, I’m over-thinking. I’m going down the pub


Down the pub with the old farts?

That’s a yer da move :henry2:


Brilliant isn’t it?


Chelsea won the champions league with Bosingwa in the team for the whole, doesn’t mean anything.


I rate Henderson and think people just like to underrate him.
That said Torreira so far has shown that he can grow to be twice the player. Time will tell.


One of the replies…



I guess they’ll not be too disappointed as such to go out of the FA Cup, considering PL and CL are their main priorities, but there is certainly a lot of pressure now heaped onto winning the title. If they don’t achieve that, then Klopp will certainly come in for a bit of a firing line, considering how close, yet so far he always seems to just missing out on success. Often struggling to finish the job off.


Stupid move to rule out a cup, especially considering you haven’t won a trophy since 2012.



Out of the FA cup, it looks like the trophy drought will drag on.


I think Klopp made the right choice sacrificing the cup, 4 points clear in the league which is a much more important competition and they need to put absolutely everything into it.


we’ll see they are starting to get injuries to defenders now it could be a bad decision. Granted it would be hard to keep going in all cups but not great to throw it away at first opportunity either it is too early in the season to know how it is going to pan out.


If Klopp doesn’t win a trophy this year how do you think his decision to sacrifice the FA cup will look?

I believe they’ll win the league by the way it’s just a question.


That’s short for “they will”, isn’t it?

@Maverick79, you know what to do


I’m not sure an FA Cup will make up for anything if they miss out in the end after the season they are currently having tbh.


it did for us in 2014, to a small extent tbh. because we ended our trophy drought


Also 2003. At least we didnt suffer the ignominy of winning “fuck all”.

We wouldn’t have heard the end of it from the ManUre fans