Lionel Messi 🐐

Nothing still beats the video of John Cena apologising to China, in Mandarin, for calling Taiwan a country.

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Huge loss of respect for Messi.

I really can’t get the need to get more money after you get so rich.
It’s not like he is an entrepreneur who needs to conquer everything. He can already afford every life comfort

Gotta make up for all that tax evasion money he lost.

Saudi money is infiltrating the top sports. Boxing, football and golf have all submitted to Saudi money in recent years it was only a matter of time until that filtered down to individual athletes.

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And Beckham for Qatar.

And Elneny for Palestine

Not for me but the biggest difference here is Lebron, Messi, and Beckham are just doing it for money.

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Surely you’re not insinuating that Elneny should be scorned for defending people under siege from a powerful military nation and sticking it at the same level of football players selling their soul to human rights abusing nations for millions of dollars?

Haha yeah course thats what he did :roll_eyes:

(chef’s kiss)


irrc he sent some pretty cold-take tweets about human rights abuses in Gaza, right?

It’s not remotely the same. But I’ll admit I am very invested in what goes on over there

He should have passed

Well I guess when he can only score 6 goals against plumbers and firemen, then it’s probably best to start focusing on things outside of stats.

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He’s still fucking class though, quite literally a football genius and a poor season by his standards at PSG doesn’t change that.

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