Lionel Messi

Seems quite insane that we don’t have a thread dedicated to perhaps the greatest player to ever play the game.

Thought the below video was a really well done piece from Tifo football (as is usually the case).


Should he have pushed for a move away in the last couple of seasons with Barcelona on the decline?

I think he is so attached to Barcelona that he never would have done that.

I’d love to have seen him move to City under Pep.

The romantic in me would loved to have seen him play for Sarri’s Napoli too lol


He’s Mr Barca himself. I’m all for players who commit their entire careers to one club.


This thread prompted me to watch 2012-13 goals of his. Such great bunch of finishes and so precise.

Truly the greatest to play the game.


:goat: :goat:


Great shame now is how few people might get too see him play live again.
It’s a sobering thought really.


:sob: I didn’t think of this.

Glad I did when I got the chance.
I feel for those Messi fans as it is a privilege to see him live.


This will be one of my great regrets in life, never seeing him play live.


Great soccer player.

I saw him against Real Sociedad a few years back. Messi, Suarez and Neymar but I was worried Messi wouldn’t be fit as he was out injured prior to the game. He wasn’t fully fit but they played him any way and all 3 of the big guns scored.

Iniesta was majestic that day. The way he plays is unlikely anything I had ever seen at that point.

One of the best experiences ever was watching MSN play live.


I had tickets to Barcelona vs Osasuna in 2013 and missed the game because my flight got delayed 4 hours in Newcastle, from memory Barca won 5-1 and Messi scored 4. Do you feel for me ?

Got to the Nou Camp at about the 60th but they wouldn’t let me and my mate in at that point :cry:.


I agree that watching Iniesta live was an amazing experience, you could just follow the rhythm of the game by solely watching him.

I’ve been lucky enough to see quite a few La Liga games over the past 4/5 years and watching Messi and Iniesta was definitely the highlight. As for the MSN that is definitely one of the greatest forward lines of all time, they comparatively underachieved as a team considering the talent they had


Damn man, I feel for you.
You should have sued the airlines

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You joking? :sweat_smile:

Nope. Seeing Messi in England would have been a very enjoyable experience haha

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Set and forget FPL captain :joy:

this guy was alright, will most likely be forgotten after he retires

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Barca as soon as that happens…

Low-key one of the biggest egos in the game and has great shithousery too. Hats off to him getting away with it.