Line of Duty (spoilers fella)

What a fucking episode!!!

Best one yet and that cliffhanger at the end… :ooo:

Hope you don’t mind this thread @shamrockgooner means we don’t need to write in spoilers :grin:

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I don’t mind but the warning emjoi in a thread title, nah. :grin:

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Alright dad I’ll allow it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think Jo is actually being forced to work for the organised crime people as you can tell she doesn’t like it.

Ryan is such a bastard aswell :joy: what a great villain

I liked how they spent the entire episode convincing us Buckles couldn’t possibly be involved due to being a muppet then at the end he’s on witnessing a death just to make us go…ooh, maybe!


That convoy I was just waiting for something to happen the moment they left the prison :joy::joy::joy:

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Who do you think it is?

I feel like Kate has something to hide, my outside bet

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I have no idea

I’m not good at remembering stuff from previous seasons :joy:

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Jackie Laverty


Was a great shot tbf :joy:


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Interesting :joy:

At the moment I’m thinkning Tommy Hunter, was Scottish too.

Does anyone else suspect Chloe? That leak had to come from somewhere.

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It’s gotta be Tommy Hunter, right? She’s his daughter. She’s in over her head with the OCG.

Ryan is one of the best punchable face villains on TV since King Joffrey. The way he delivered the “being a rat ma’am” was just so matter-of-fact. Fuck. That. Guy.

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She has issues with her mother too but the looks of it, maybe because she got jiggy with a big bad.

And yeah the dude playing him is doing a hell of a job, he’s deserved a punch since he was rolling round on the bike. Surely there’s a bullet reserved just for him but that may be too merciful, hopefully he goes out painfully.

And what’s up with Kate being blind to Jo? Not a good look unless she’s playing her but doesn’t seem like it.

Kelly Macdonald can have that effect on a lot of people.

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Fair enough. I don’t think it’s going to be Hunter though. Too obvious. I’m going with John Corbett.

Who’s Tommy Hunter?

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AC3 need to open an investigation into Steve’s todger.

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