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Thanks to some @Bl1nk magic we’ve introduced a new feature this morning.

When you click the like button you now have a choice of some different emojis to choose from. We’ve kept it to a small number and hope that people like the change.



Feels like OABook


Where’s the dislike button, you bunch of snowflakes?


We can’t be accused of censorship for taking it away if we never introduce it in the first place. :xhaka2:


How do you work it? :eyes:

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Hold down for a sec, options appear.

It’s rather Discordish… As long as it doesnt go full Fortnite though I’m cool with it.

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No negative reactions? How am I supposed to show my feelings towards any post made by @Trion?


Oooh yes just what the resident like whore like me needs, more variety



Thank God there’s no eggplant, or I’d consider that sexual harrassment.

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:fu: this one would be better


this is buggy as shit for me. I tried giving the OP a thumbs up, it refuses, I click it deselects my choice. I can sometimes manage to give it a heart. I finally made it give you a crying laughing guy (that’s what is now displayed in the bottom right on my screen as if that’s what I gave you) but if I click the 13 number it says I gave you both a heart and a crying guy. idno what’s going on. I’m on the latest Firefox and have no script blockers on. Good initiative this though.


Thanks for your feedback. We will look into it.

every option works perfectly on your post though.

I decide that fault lies in Shammy’s end :chester:

Case closed!

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It took a while for the emoji to show up though. Definitely feels buggy.



I might have spoken too soon. Now it shows as me not having posted any reaction to your post (the heart icon is not filled in). Hmm.


Shammy you’re cleared. For now.

Stop it with the screenshots! I don’t know which :yellow_heart: to press anymore.

I never liked the idea on social media and it especially doesn’t seem to fit in with this forum where we all try to one-up each other.
It’s one thing seeing likes on a post mocking me, it will make me cry if there are :joy: on posts mocking me.


Yeh the update is nice but things like this are a disaster for natural and organic discussion. We’re getting close to the OA gold territory

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