Ligue 1

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Mohamed Bouhafsi, haven’t heard this cunts name in ages. We must really be done with Ligue 1.


Would he really leave over a player that was never theirs?


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You what now


So he signed for 5 years with an option of 5 years? On 700 grand a week? Outstanding :ozil:


I started a new job this week and those were my terms too.


Well we all know United are just as bad at this as PSG


I hope he stays fit, unreal player to watch when he’s up and going.

It’s a shame with talent like this and Mbappe spends to much time in the French league though.

Neymar running riot, hopefully he can have a season without disruption for once.


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2 goals and an assist for the :goat: today. I read his performance and the team in general looked much better in terms of shape.

Hakimi and Mendes on the flanks with 3 at the back suits the players so much more. Proper 3-4-3

Apparently Neymar was the one who stole the show.

WC got very interesting now.

Neymar is generational. One of the best players ever when he is focused.



Neymar means business this year

So does Saliba

Balogun just scored the 3-1 goal for Reims against OM.

Game is a blast, Kolasinac just came on, Balogun scored, Crazy Nuno scored, Guendouzi is being a floor mop all over the place, Ünder was running amok, even a goal by the Colombian Luis Suarez!

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Hope Marseille sign Alexis and Mustafi.


Can we send Lokonga there for a loan? It sounds like fun.
Nelson and AMN for free too.

We’re already the biggest club in France anyway, we need more representation.

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