Liam Brady

Looking for memories of Brady from those old enough on here to have seen him play :grin:


Can’t believe there isn’t already a thread on Brady


Great player but never had a manager brave enough to build a side around him.
Proved his real ability in Italy and delivered a League title at Juventus.
Hated when he left but years later im pleased because he wouldn’t have been rewarded here. One of those players that Graham and especially Wenger would of recognised true value in.


I remember the Sun’s sport headlines after the FA Cup final in ‘79 after the win against Manchester United
Quite simply brilliant

‘ Chippy Chippy Bang Bang ‘

Brady was a fabulous player.


Was the first time as a supporter that I REALLY got upset that we were allowing a player to leave…I could not believe it, and I honestly thought that this was the end of Arsenal…


I really do think it’s a shame Brady never got to show what he had at a Euros or World Cup. He would have been lost in the Charlton sides of the time that qualified for 88 and 90 which basically bypassed midfield though.


Yeah there was a huge debate going on about that before his injury curtailed his career for Euro 88 in the Irish press.
The whole country was split on that. Dunphy and Giles were strongly against the style being played at the sacrifice of Brady’s game.


(42) Liam Brady Goal - Tottenham Hotspur 0 Arsenal 5 - First Division (23/12/78) - YouTube

My first time at Shite Hart Lane, my god that was a great day.
Brady at his pure genius best…


Careful. Thread might get shut down :wink:

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It might. He’s no Davor Suker, that’s for sure

Remember when he bought shares in Man United :rage:

No. No I don’t :joy:

Seriously? That was massive news!

He was our player at the time, too :joy:

You sure about that? I remember watching a England-Ireland match where Ireland completely dominated possession. They had Whelan, Houghton and Sheedy at the time who were 3 of the top midfielders in the top flight. McGrath also played into the midfield back then too.

How anyone can close a thread when he scored the goal @1.42 is beyond belief

When did we last score a goal like that? Great player


Brilliant goal, that.


Never had a good enough manager to get the best out of him Brady at Arsenal.
Great player Liam. His reputation as a world talent was cemented at Juventus.
Hated it when he left but in hindsight it gave him the stage his talent deserved to be seen on.


Incredible goal and one I’m not sure how I’d forgotten about. If you didn’t know any better, with the sound muted and the poor picture quality, you would put money on that being Henry watching it for the first time.

The goal at 1:30 is arguably better. I remember being really excited about the summer deals that season. Pity we didn’t win anything that year.