Leicester City vs Arsenal (Premier League)


I’m not so sure Leper. if everybody was fit and available (ok, maybe not Wilshere), and personally speaking, i think under another manager we could do better than top 4. maybe even go so far as put up a real fight for the title.
That obviously depends on allot of factors. and as i said many times on the old forums, nobody will ever convince me that what Wenger has gotten out of his squads over the years is the absolute best that they were capable of.

True, but who assembled those players? more than that Leper, who’s responsible for all aspects of the teams training?

The team is what it is, and we all agree it’s not good enough, but how many points have we dropped over the years due to schoolboy errors? why doesn’t Wenger ever address the defensive side of the game (both in training, and buying better defensive players)? that 1 question more than any other is the one i’d like to ask him.

Last week was rinse and repeat. as soon as we conceded the 2nd goal it was gung ho up the pitch while Wenger sat on his chair chewing his frigging finger nails. Klopp on the other hand jumped out of his skin barking orders at his squad when Ox came on and pulled one back for us.it’s (apologies for the swearing) FUCKING infuriating watching him trying to find a comfy spot to squat in, moan at the 4th official and point all over the pitch while chatting with Bould.

I get the points you’re making, but imho, Wenger is to blame for the squad, the tactics (or lack of) and the team selection, i find it hard to blame players when Wenger is the one who chooses the side and sets them up. edit, that doesn’t mean we can’t get upset with the players when it’s deserved.

And as Jakey said, i do share your concerns. if this window closes without adequate additions…well, i don’t even want to think about it.


I can see a poetic performance from Giroud coming.


Monreal with Koscielny as CB, Xhaka and Santi on midfield, Ozil behind our three sprinters.



Decent chance if he plays we’ll be describing his performance as another word beginning with P…


If Giroud scores we defo won’t sign a striker.

Lol at anyone going to this game btw.



I reckon he can still be world class.


Have a feeling Wenger will get lucky this game and we will somehow get an unconvincing win, which Wenger will use to justify his inactivity in the transfer market.

“Which other team has beaten Leicester 3 times out if 3 in the premier league” Wenger retorted angrily on being questioned about Arsenal’s lack of transfer activity.



Yes please.


Giroud bullet header imminent


That squad would be a major improvement on the shit we saw last week


I wonder who’ll get injured today :slight_smile:


Can’t get too excited for this game atm :santi:


I’m not excited for any game if he’s still the manager. Not even gonna stream it.

Arsène Wenger

Weighing up what to do with my afternoon. Couple of mates are having a housewarming/BBQ but it would mean missing the game. Quite conflicted and can’t work out what to do, but the weather and 1.5 hour journey to North London make me lean towards staying at home and watching the match.

I’ve got a bad feeling about the match though, meaning it might be best for my mood if I don’t watch and get wankered with mates instead.

Might punt on a 3-2 Leicester win.


Walk away then.

Support the team.


Out with your mates every time. It’s really no contest Jake lol


Why should I walk away?


Because I’m watching the game and not throwing my toys out of the pram…


If you can’t get excited for the 2nd match of the season then honesty what is the point.

Typical ‘You only sing when your winning’ attitude really


Wenger is the point. The games on sky I’ll watch as i have that but have no interest in streaming at the moment.