Leicester City vs Arsenal (Premier League)


Almost feel like putting my house on Vardy or Mahrez to score any time.


Wenger confirms on the above video that Ozil Giroud and Koscielny will travel with the squad but all three won’t start.


Goals aplenty again i think and us to be on the wrong side of a 5 goal thriller… 3-2 for the Foxes Vardy to get a brace.


Ridiculous to even entertain any notion of the title, or even being in contention I think. With the current squad I would say top six is certainly out of the question.


Current squad anywhere from 4th-7th is what I think we are looking at.


I think the fact that we always have scraped Champions League football is somewhat warping for our perception. If we were to come fourth with the squad we currently have it would be a remarkable upset, no matter what our history of champions league qualification is.


This weekend I’m going drinking with a bunch of mates who , when we’ve watched Arsenal together, have never witnessed an Arsenal victory. I think it’s like ten games or more and it includes the 4-4 at Newcastle.

So yea I expect nothing good from Arsenal this weekend.


Sadly think Leicester will win this by 2-1, think they be up for this more then us and will want to revenge those two defeats last season. They missed Kante badly at the weekend so that could be a weakness for them.

For us, I have no confidence in our manager getting his tactics right, plus those weaknesses away from home worry me. Wouldn’t surprise me if we have another Southampton in a 4-0 beating, this side has more games like the Liverpool one in them.

Need Ozil, Kos and Giroud in the team. Carzola needs to play. Xhaka too. I would play Ox over Walcott too, cause he goes more at defences and would be great on the break. Want to see us win this but I seriously worry for us in this game.


We’ll win. Wenger will call us dumb in the post game presser. Mental strength. Players coming back soon. Xhaka will play well and Wenger will talk about only buying top top quality and take a dig at Chelsea or manure spending money. Seriously everything is Groundhog Day at this club.


I don’t really think Wenger or even any of us had title ambitions for this season, so your statement seems a bit redundant.


Ha couldn’t believe Vardy is 5/1 first scorer. Could be easy money!


That’s the problem. The manager should always think about winning a title and put a plan in motion to do it. Instead of waiting for younger players to finally come good who likely aren’t (i.e. the failed English core).


If you can I’d bet that then I’d also get a parlay going with:

Vardy to score
Vardy to win a penalty
Vardy to score a penalty


Well, thanks for that.

Arsenal lose? Sham’s fault.
Shit tactics? Sham’s fault.
Kosh starts and gets injured immediately by Vardy’s chin? Sham’s fault.
Walcott missing an absolute sitter? yeah, you guessed it, Sham’s fucking fault.

Wenger IN this weekend.


It’s nothing to do with the squad and everything to do with the manager Leper.


Well we countered there style better than anyone last season, so theres hope.
However its a both teams to score game and they have a better attack.
Need a couple back to make us more fluent up top. Best I see is a 2 2 draw.


Really depends on how he decides to play the rested 3 from last week, and I would hope Xhaka gets the start. Said he’s most likely to take the gamble on Koscielny, but I’d argue that Giroud also needs to be gambled on. Ozil I can live with one more week or, or if he’s really trying to be greedy, rest him again next week so then it rolls into the international break and at that point be hopeful of a couple new signings and Ozil fresher than ever.

If Arsenal are going to toy around with crosses into the box for Alexis or Theo then it’s going to be garbage, it was so frustrating last week seeing that happen more often than it should.

Going 100% homer here. 3-2 Arsenal


If we replaced the manager now and made no signings then top six would still be out of the question. His accountability for the squad being in this state is something else but it’s not nothing to do with the players when the teams just not good enough.


Dayum @Leper, you really are going totally balls out with this “zero chance of top six” chat.

Think you’re being a bit strong with that tbh, however I do broadly share your concerns


Its really hard to know exactly how our players would react to a manager coming in and breaking their balls day in day out. I suspect it could be what someone like the Ox needs whereas Theo would probably shit himself. But overall who knows. Id like to find out either way.