Leicester City vs Arsenal (PL)

Premier League Match 26
Sunday 28 February 2021
The King Power Stadium
KO: 12:00 :clock12:

  • Leicester City win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Voting for a loss as that’s where the smart money is when it’s a Calum OP

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Leicester 1-0. All our energy will be spent on the EL now.

Maddison is out today with doctors looking at this hip, which was the injury he had previously too. The way Rodgers was talking about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if he missed the weekend as well.

Most of their starting XI is playing today and they just went behind. So hopefully they’re tired as well.

Rest all the good players.

Let’s see how good Arteta’s philosophy and tactics are without Saka and co to bail him out.


Probably prove how poor the squad is as well if we do that.

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Leicester crashed out of the EL tonight with no goals scored in either leg, so hopefully their confidence will be affected and they will turn out a drab performance instead of of a vibrant, high intensity game.

What kind of logic is this? Which manager would choose to rest all their good players, especially when the drop-off in quality/reliability is so severe as ours?

Might aswell ask Mourinho, Ole and Co. to rely on their back ups in key positions too, see how much worse their seasons would pan out.


6-0 Arsenal.


Vardy hadn’t scored for 5 games prior to his injury, and post-injury has 1 in 3 in the league.

Needless to say he’ll bag at least one against us. We love helping opposing players get back in form, and Vardy does love a goal against our pussy-ass team.

Can see this being quite a demoralising defeat. 2 or 3 goal margin. I don’t even rate Leicester that highly but know they will be super pumped for this game.


This has 0-3 by halftime written all over it.

I can only see this going one way considering we relied on a stroke of luck and individual brilliance to put away a weak Benfica side in turmoil.

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Leicester did get outplayed by Czech opposition though if we’re taking into account Europa League formlines.

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Sure Maddison is injured so the score line shouldn’t be to bad.

I feel like the ESR-O-Saka trio behind the striker isn’t quite clicking and it would be a good time to changes things up, especially given the need for rotation.

I’d like to see Martinelli get another start on the left as I think he could do some of the ball progression work Arteta wants while just providing us a little spark and X factor. He has combined well with Tierney when they have played together on that wing in the past.

ESR should be more rested than Odegaard so I’d go with him in the middle. I also want to see if that helps him rekindle a little form.


I think we have a legit shot at a result here simply because Leicester are a bit of a mess - Fofana still out, Justin now out with a big injury, Maddison quite possibly out as well.

2-1 Arsenal.

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Auba hatty in a 3-1 win

If not, the usual spanking we get up there :grin:

More BT Sport ffs, this is pissing me off.


Is now a good time to tell you that our next game v Burnley is also on BT Sport? :sweat_smile:

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The best thing about it being on BT Sport is that I don’t have to get fed up with people talking over the commentary haha

What did you edit? :joy: I see no changes haha

This is the original post mate -

More BT Sport ffs, this is pissing me off. #BellendOut

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