Leicester City Vs Arsenal (PL)

Premier League Game 36
The King Power Stadium
2019-04-28T11:00:00Z :clock12:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Leicester City win

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6-0 Arsenal. Big response incoming. :joy:


We really just need a point if United beat Chelsea

I’d be all over a draw, just hoping United edge Chelsea.

Vardy, Tielemans and Maddison smell blood.

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whilst ozil, xhaka and mustafi are smelling their money

I might get Vardy for my fpl and make him captain, he’ll surely bag a couple here.



We have lost two PL games in a row for the first time since August 2018

When was the last time we lost three in a row?

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If we perform in the manner like we did tonight, it’ll make switching over the F1 at Baku a lot easier to manage.

Find some form, offer us some glimmer of hope please Arsenal :bellerin:

Don’t see us winning this. Our confidence looks pretty shot now, most of these bottle jobs are already on their summer holidays. Only really Auba to come back in and besides that who else is going to change it. I’m going Leicester to win 3-1 too.

You aussiegunnering now and predicting the future? :gunnersaurus:


Oops I’ve done the reverse of writing the current year instead of the old :no_mouth:

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Only way losing wouldn’t finally kill us off is if United and Chelsea draw.

This’ll be the most obvious easy away day defeat since the last one.

Arsenal at home is a dream fixture right now. We’d lose to Cardiff and Brighton if the fixture computer had us going to those places. :laughing:

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Rodgers will love us as opponents for this. Be pressing us from the start and aim to run us into the deck.
Id rest a few for the Europa semi and take the 4 0 defeat. Play full strength we will be tired and get done 3 0 instead. Europa will define how good or not we are. Being less shit by a point than united or Chelsea will be another false dawn.

Leicester 3-1. It’ll be our 4th loss in 5 league games and 8th away league defeat of the campaign. I suppose at least that’s better than last seasons 11.


Don’t want to think about this tbh

That poll says it all. Lets hope the players don’t feel as defeated as we do. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

If we can’t beat a mid table team, with nothing to play for, then we don’t deserve to be in the CL.