Leicester City vs Arsenal (Carabao Cup 3rd Round)

Wednesday, 23 September
The King Power Stadium
KO: 19:45
Not on television. Get the streams ready lads!

  • Leicester to go through
  • Arsenal to go through

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Couldn’t care less about this cup. Field some kids pls.


I’d like to win it. It would be an early trophy and give us a boost. But I definiltely wouldn’t go all in with first team players. We have too many important matches coming up in the PL. Tough schedule ahead.

Don’t care about this cup but will still watch it. Fills the evening up haha

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Bit dogshit it’s already decided whoever wins this plays Liverpool next. This garbage cup isn’t even worth that stress.

That is so disrespectful of Lincoln.

Can’t believe we’ve won a European trophy more recently than winning this cup

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When was the last time we won this 92?

93 :blush:

First ever team to do the domestic cup double

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Hope we lose this.

What a waste of time this cup is. Especially this season


I want to see Smith Rowe

It’s a trophy and would get us a back door into Europa

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Rotate the bollix out of it


Winning breeds winning.

It’s fine to be ok with us losing post match. But you should never hope we lose.

Though I guess that’s what I should expect from your Hale End mentality.


Never understood how you can, supposedly, support a club…and then, want them to lose…how fecking stupid…
I remember many years ago, I went to watch Arsenal u18’s against some team, haven’t a clue who it was…But Arsenal were playing, feck me was I happy when we won…Didn’t even know any of the players, but so what…Arsenal won!


Was it against Spurs first team?

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Don’t come at me with that when you probably love some of the biggest losers that play/have ever played for this club. :clown_face:

Don’t use the clown emoji, no one likes clowns.

And anyway, I always like the unpopular ones. I am one of those people who feels sorry for everyone.

Not the Europa you may think it is.

The winner will go into that new championship version of the EL (essentially 3rd tier contest)

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