Leandro Trossard (19)

We weren’t the only ones. We pretty much stole him from Spurs who were dragging their feet lowballing Brighton.

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lucky that we did not lowball Brighton and paid the market price

I’d say we were simply in most need of a winger/attacker at the moment, while he’s just having his best season ever

that’s the most important

rather pay premium for good qualities than being cheap ass and get someone not helping


Dadandro Trossard




It’s fine, the opposition won’t be getting any sleep either. Nightmares thinking about what BOSSARD will do to them.

Yesterday should have been a critical goal.

I didn’t know he had the smart run and tap in as part of his game even though he has played as cf.

He should be starting on Wednesday although Martinelli’ pace will probably cause City more problems than Trossard’ guile. Form matters.

Give Martinelli 30mins in the first half to show he should stay on the pitch. If not hook him for Trossard.

Makes sense. Try to destroy the kid morally by giving him 30 minutes to prove himself in a crunch game. A forward proving himself means goal or assist. If he doesn’t score or assist vs a Pep team in 30 mins, hook him. What could go wrong?

If we are giving him 30 minutes, it makes sense to sub him on for Trossard or Eddie.

Martinelli might put pressure on a possession based opponent but he hasn’t shown he deserves to play.

His feelings are not the priority right now. Either step up or step off.

Also, how do you think Martinelli would take Trossard starting over him?

He should take it like a professional. Trossard played a part in the United winner was arguably our MOTM vs City and scored yesterday. He deserves to start. Might spark Martinelli into some action.

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I agree, it’s probably better to tell Martinelli he gets a game of rest (eventually coming on as substitute), instead of letting him play 30 minutes and then be subbed off…

Started really well. One of the only positives of the last couple of ghastly weeks.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but if it was always going to be a choice between Mudryk and Trossard, we went for the right player.

It’s up to Arteta to get all the players galvanised again now.

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Has he got a couple of black eyes or is he on something?

Weird looking fellow isn’t he? Looked like he’d be sparring with middleweights when he came on yesterday.

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He looks like a skinny uncle fester


That’s two goals he’s had disallowed now lol. Feel sorry for him


Crucial signing.
As much as I wanted Mudryk, for the league title, Trossard is more productive for us.