Layvin Kurzawa

Fuck off


Legitimately starting the Arteta era in the most poverty way possible.


Can’t really express how bad of a signing I think this would be. Maybe he turns his career around here, but it doesn’t really feel like he’s on the comeback trail. It feels more like when Jese went from PSG to Stoke.


Good plan to have 8 or 9 injury prone full backs. Surely there should be one or two available to play at any given time.


I hate linking to a BR article because they’re trash but I knew there was a reason I had a bad feeling about him. IIRC he was at fault for the goals in this comeback.

EDIT: To be clear, I have zero problem with shithousery and celebrating. You just have to be able to back it up.

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such a strange signing. Surely it means Kola is off in the summer. Have never seen this guy play, so I have no idea if he is an improvement on Kola.

Signing him so we can sell Kola to generate funds because we are broke as shit and probably miss out on european football completely

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At first I thought he was a bit younger (I thought he was born in '95 not '92)… Unless Arteta has a plan how to miraculously get him back to full metal jacket fitness, and keep him like that… I can’t see him being any upgrade on Kola or Tierney.

He is a very talented player, first of all going forward… He’s the only defender to score a hattrick in the CL.

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This is a very bewildering signing.

I feel like Kola and Saka are prefectly adequate back ups for LB, no idea why we’re considering this.


Seems that Kola is having injury problems of his own, Tierney basically won’t be ready for another few months and I guess the club will probably want to offload Kola in the summer.

You can make money on one of those and replace him for free

I hope he doesn’t still wear his hair like this.

State of it.

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But from what I’ve heard, he has a terrible attitude and awful injury record. He missed 17 games last season alone.

There must be other LB stop gaps out there.

No chance of catching up to the other clubs if “call the agents” is the recruitment approach.
This too after going on and on about how the club is becoming “modern”.

Sign a young left back who can develop instead.


Shit move. I thought we were done with these signings?

The Sokratis of LBs, and somebody we will be wanting to shift in 18months time.

This club…


We got our Arsenal back.


Isn’t a RB, injury prone and can’t defend.

Sign him up


I fail to see the point of this signing. We need a LB yes, but not him. Rather we went for a guy like Joe Bryan as a backup.

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As others have said, very strange signing indeed.

We’ll have one LB who cost us £25m who is surely first choice when fit, one who is on something between £100-140k/w…and we want to buy a third one who is injury prone?

Again, as others have mentioned, likely means we are willing to sell Kolasinac in the summer and/or that Tierney’s injury is worse than originally anticipated. Or that Arteta hates Saka at LB.

All in all, very weird signing if it happens.