Lautaro Martínez

Looks like he is indeed a genuine target of the club.

Di Marzio and now The Athletic reporting it.

Important bits:

It is thought Lautaro would be interested in a move to Arsenal if Inter want to sell him.

An exit from Inter would level up Lautaro’s salary. He is believed to earn around €2.5 million per annum net in wages


Swap deal with Bellerin + cash surely?


£20m + Bellerin for these broke ass fuckers.

I’ve heard a lot about Martinez, he’s highly rated but his stats don’t look impressive?


Possible, yes.

Feels such an odd move. Inter starting to feel like a sinking ship. Definitely not retaining Serie A next season.

For what us worth, Lautaro always reminded me of Aguero at Atleti. Will be interesting to see if he makes the same transition as Kun in the PL.

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Worth 72m per Transfermarkt, but always take that with a pinch of salt.

Would have thought 35m plus Bellerin would be a decent opening offer

Suppose your stats are not likely to be quite as good playing in a 2 with someone like Lukaku compared to as a sole striker?

Tbf, Lautaro’s issue is that he isn’t really a striker(yet).
He’s not clinical enough and doesn’t have the presence and awareness in the box as other top strikers do.

Fantastic, just what we need to replace Lacazette


His stats are amazing! We need this signing.

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Imagine if we paired up Lautaro and Emi.
We would have brought back Joga Bonito to The Arsenal.


Is it too early to get excited about this deal? @GC-Maniac

Move it to the players section IMO


Still trying to process this but this sounds like it has real chance. Fabrizio said the club were willing pay big for a forward if the right opportunity presented itself and this seems like it.

I would be very wary of Chelsea, City and Liverpool though. They’re all in the market for a forward so this also alerts them of Lautaro’s availability.

He seems like the perfect fit for City, especially with the similarities he has to young Aguero.

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Lautaro is a huge talent. He is the type of talent that you do not under any circumstances pass up on if he a available.

Arsenal must pay whatever it takes. Lautaro has a ceiling that is higher than most strikers in the world under 25.

He is only 23 but I promise in the next couple of years he will only get better and better. His quality is such that he could play in any league in the world and be a resounding success.


He’s not a defender though, so why should we trust your opinion on this? :smirk:


Unfortunately @SRCJJ rescinded that title after the Luiz vs Maguire debacle.

How would we line up with Martinez? Cant say ive ever seen him.

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I’ve seen us be linked to him for the last few days but honestly thought it was fake. If this is true then all of us need to Will it into existence, man is an absolute beast and like @SRCJJ The kind of talent you do absolutely everything to get.

Please let this be true


Haha I stand by it. The Luiz we signed and the Maguire of the first season at United = Luiz being better value for money. And I rate Luiz unlike most people and think if we utilised him better he’d have proven to be an even better signing.

The Maguire that stunk up United in his first season just wasn’t better than luiz in my eyes


He had some very shaky performances in a really poor team as did Luiz for us, but it was clear as day he had real quality.

But back to Martinez is he someone you need to line up with Aubameyang in a 2 up top?

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The Athletic article talking about Ben White’s transfer apparently mentionned(didn’t read it) that the club promised him at least another significant signing during this window, don’t want to get my hopes up, but if It’s Martinez than it’s huge.

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