Krystian Bielik

I don’t know if I’m ready to move on. So many memories, so many great moments.



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They paid us quite allot IIRC, 9m or something, which was value at the time

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Nice, now finalize Thierney


Having Saliba doesn’t mean there’s no way we’ll need another centre back at some point in the next five years. Every team plays with more than one of them after all lol, so Saliba could still be here in four years and we might still have needed another CB at some point. Obviously lol.

Why? The biggest barrier to most transfers is agreeing transfer fees.

I like to think that the Lampard pay off Derby got had funded the Bielik transfer fee.

Thanks Roman

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Its a very complex situation.

The player has to agree to everything. Even if they have an agreement to come back to the club they don’t have one to be sold on purely for profit.
Same will go for their agents.
You have a selling club who probably don’t really want to sell and a buying club fully aware that the team in the middle acting as both a buying club and a selling club is effectively just out to gouge them.

There’s so much that could go wrong in all that which is why we basically never see it happen.

Buy back to actually bring the player back (like we should have done with Cesc) is one thing. But to sell on is completely different.

The only real way of doing it is by bribing the agent and player at the same time. IE they get 2 signing on fees

A percentage of future transfer is more practical.

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Well yeah, you don’t buy a player you have zero chance of signing of course. But it isn’t that complex beyond that. You feel the agent out, get a sense of interest and then trigger clause.

If Bielek shows massive promise next year or two, and we come in and say he will start, and we can absolutely massively up wages, then there is very good chance this could get done and we possibly save 10’s of millions.

The reason it doesn’t happen more is that the clause costs you something and the selling team probably thinks that the chances of all those things being true at some point in future are too speculative.

Like every deal point that has value, it comes out of somewhere else.

You’re describing a deal where he resigns and stays. I am only responding to the suggestion that we resign a player to immediately sell him for profit.

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Yeah I agree there. Can’t see player ever doing that.

before the 18/19 season he would have gone for about 2-3 million and now after he goes for 10 million, this is what Charlton can do for a player @Cristo and @Robin_L (the new Charlton fan) :slight_smile:

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