Krystian Bielik

Give him a chance in the squad or sell when we could get a good price for him?

From what I’ve seen of him, he’s a solid player and I’d like to give him a chance.

I’d much rather give Bielik the CB/DM duty than Chambers that’s for sure.


Needs a new contract ASAP as his expires next year. Still only 21 and he’s performing in big games albeit at the league 1 level.


Makes sense to try him out in the squad. Looks a natural fit at both CB and DM. Have heard good things about him all season. And we wouldn’t have to offer him a massive upgrade in wages yet either.

Chambers’ stock is high, English, has proven himself to be a competent PL player and is still young enough for there to be a real interest in him. And we signed him up long term last year so we would be dealing with a decent transfer fee for him. £20M-£30M would represent great business for us.


Agreed, I just can’t see Chambers making it at Arsenal.
He’s not really tall enough to be the cental defender we need, and he’s not quick enough to play in any other position…

He at least deserves a run during the pre-season to see his worth from up close. I don’t think his market value has risen enough to move him on atm so I would deffo give him a season with the team.

I’d give him Elneny’s role. I think he’s worth keeping a hold of to see if we can sell him down the line. He’s more technically sound than people give him credit for.

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What’s the Elneny role exactly? Given what we saw last season of course.:rofl::joy:

3 or 4 appearances a season role

let Bielik have another season on loan with Charlton, test himself at a higher level

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On this subject, Emery needs to improve his squad management big time next season. His rotation work this season has been abysmal to say the least.

So do we want a relegated prem player or a League 1 promoted one in the squad next season. Maybe we get really lucky and keep both.
Xhaka and Mustafi out and these two in. Ffs such a time to be alive. Spuds could be CL winners next week. Fuck my days.


We’ve got 6 centre backs and 4 centre midfielders on the books ánd we want new signings for both positions. We need to get rid of all these players, asap.


“My future is unknown but there is one thing I can say for sure: I will definitely not go back to Arsenal U23 team,” he said.

“At this stage it wouldn’t make sense. If I do not receive the possibility to join the first team permanently, I will have to look for other solutions.

“I feel like a senior player now so I want to play senior football.”

I doubt we’ll promise him first team football so looks like he’s off.

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Bit of a jump from League One to a club challenging for the 4PT.

Maybe he’ll be the rare exception but more than likely he’s just Arsenal’s next solid contribution to English lower league football, a la Bartley/Ayling and we shouldn’t feel too surprised whenever we don’t take a gamble on such a high risk (if admittedly low cost) strategy for bulking up the squad

Xhaka replacement.

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It is a big jump from League One to Premier League as @Robin_L says. I’d argue the jump from youth team to the first team is probably just as big, if not bigger, but for different reasons. Many players have made that leap.

Bielik has always had the technical ability to play at the highest level but the question was whether he could do it against fully grown men on a cold wet Wednesday night in Scunthorpe. I think he more than answered that. Charlton gained promotion via the playoffs. He was their man of the match in the playoff final and he picked up their player of the season. He’s 21.

It would still be a gamble to include him the first team but we as a club, have got to roll the dice a little bit given our cash flow issues. Arsenal need to offer him a new contract and integrate him into the first team.

Elneny’s spot should be up for grabs. We were often forced to play Lichtsteiner at CB last year. Bielik’s better than both.


If he can’t make it here after the hard fought campaign with Charlton then it’s never going to happen is it?

I do want to see him on pre-season and given a shot with the first team though, deserves a shot at least.


Well keep him for the DM and sell Chambers.

Might as well keep him and at least increase his value for a sale, instead of selling him for £500k and bringing in some old bum with no resale value