Krystian Bielik

We would be wise to sign him to a long term deal and give him all the minutes in the EL/domestic cups next season. I think the guy is owed that much at least and we can assess where he is from there.

I really think he’s a Unai type of player as well. N’Zonzi/Rabiot mould; tall, big frame, technically sound and can be utilised at CB and now comfortably at CDM. Perfect age too.

I really hope Emery looks at him in the summer and uses him properly.


The nice thing about Bielik is that he’s probably on pretty small wages as well. As you said, no way he’s any more worthless than Elneny and Lichty, and he’s versatile. Same reason I’d clear out more dead wood and keep Chambers as well.

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Playing at CB for Poland U21s at the Euros and he’s just done a goal. Bish! Bash! Bosh!



KURWA !!! :poland::poldi:

hope we see more of him this season. I reckon he could be handy at DM but dunno if he will be used or not, maybe we will know more in the preseason tour.

but not perfect…yet


Not sure I can trust someone who uses the word monster as an adjective twice in one paragraph.


Eric Hall comes to mind.

Arsenal should take the disaster to play the Europe League for the third year in a row with less despair because must use that time to guarantee more game time to the young players.

One of the players who needs to be finally tested is Krystian Bielik.


Left-side centre back —> central midfield —> right wing. I think overconfidence might be an understatement. Monster run.


If he plays like that in the Premier League, he is going to be more error prone than Mustafi+Xhaka combined. Complete lack of discipline.

There is certainly something promising about this player. Seems to have a degree of presence on the ball and could be an upgrade.
Be very annoyed not to see him giving a go here. Especially with the dross we have in our midfield. Could get lucky on this one.

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I feel like he wouldn’t try this in his first season in the premier league, it was probably just with the standard of opposition he could get away with it (and to be fair he did).

In the first half “dribbles won”.

For the sake of comparison (different competition and small sample, I know)
Koscielny made 1 dribble in his 17 premier league games, Sokratis made 6 in 25 games, Mustafi successfully made 8 in 31 and was unsuccessful 5 times. Xhaka successfully made 7 in 29 games and was unsuccessful 7 times.


Basically Thomas Vermaelen. :ramsey:


I don’t know why this surprises me but it’s still hilarious :joy: :sob:


tbf I may have fucked up there lol. I can see how it could be read like Xhaka tried to dribble the ball 7 times and was unsuccessful 7 times, rather than he was successful 7 times and was unsuccessful 7 times. :smile:

Sidenote: Mkhitaryan really sucked at dribbling the ball last year.

He should get minutes over Elnenny

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Just spoke to @BigWeng_4LYFE



Scored again today.

Must give him a chance during the pre-season. Can’t afford a Gnabry v2 situation.

If we do sell him then must include a buy back option. Looks like a decent prospect who’s putting in consistent MOTM performances.