Krystian Bielik

There is no reason to let this kid go; until we try him out he should stay with us.

This is becoming really annoying.



Being run appallingly.

Not getting good assets. Getting shit ones. Then mismanaging the ones we do have horribly.

Fuck this dumb cunt club.

@Sol it’s well past 5th July where is your rant post?


I’m mystified he didn’t make the trip to the US. What has Emery got to lose with this guy? He’s better placed than bums like Willock.

I’m hoping the Koscielny situation forces Emery’s hand and he has to use him.


Yeah good point, Sol, what’s your delay?

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He’s 21, just like mavropanos. Is he better (than mavro)? Judging by the reactions on, people seem to think so.

Have we actually sold him?

Today I read that Emery has a lot of question marks on Mavropanos’s development and that he feels he cannot rely on him for the coming season. Which furthermore makes the Bielik situation weirder. It has to be an attitude issue with him, nothing else seems to makes sense.


Probably Wenger likes him :joy:; so that can’t fly in the new regime

We have many players, from senior squad to the Unders.
Hard to give everyone a fair shot, which is what seems to be the deal here. We’ve seen it too many times in football and although Arsenal does indeed give a chance they’re always gonna lose out on some.
I’m sure Unai is worrying of how to outperform last season and keep his job next season(short term) rather than giving a chance to our youngsters.
Totally a club move to officially promote Nketiah, Willock, Nelson and ESR.

Do we have any solid info that he’s being sold?

Nope, all speculation because of him not being on the pre-season tour.

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He didn’t travel. Nelson did. Apparently people close to him are saying that his mind has completely moved on from Arsenal as there are no signs of considering him as part of the team.

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he’s thinking about helping charlton in the championship

Milan apparently interested too. We’ll see.

Is there anyone Milan aren’t interested in this window.


xhaka and mustafi


Mustafi was actually, don’t you remember Gazidis being a fan of Musti? :joy:


wasn’t a big enough fan to go through with it

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I had a mini-rant in some other thread involving soggy biscuit.

I cba to get angry. The dominant emotion I feel is that of apathy. I’m sure I’ll get mad if we end up with the free agent signing of Cahill on deadline day, and signing that old fucker Brahimi, but until then I’ll just stay out of it.