Kostantinos Mavropanos

To be fair, with loan fees & 3m coming in, we may have recovered some 5-6m for him.
Had he stayed, that would have been what we got paid.

Stuttgart invested more on him than us and so should be able to get most out of him

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yeah they increased his value to €25m. No one is buying Arsenal2018mavropanos for more than €25 lol

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That’s why we dont agree a small shitty transfer fee. We miss manage our young loanees. Other teams like Chelsea get max value all the time.


true in general, but on top of that, they perform on the pitch with their main squad. So they look good, hoover at the top of the table, big names, some shit kid comes on, you go oh he’s with Chelsea he must be good, he fits in and looks alright in his 15 min sub you go “oh he is that level huh” ez £20m to Roma after 5 apps in a season.

If your main team does well all your players sky rocket in value. Irrational, but true lol

More to the point, is Mavro worth EUR 25m?Sounds like one of those stupid valuations like Neves having a price tag of £100m


Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it. It feels like German media making things up, West Ham is in the news with the tie against Frankfurt, they have a bunch of injured CBs, Mavropanos used to play in England, put 2+2 together and you’ve got a 25m euro transfer rumor.


If Stuttgart get relegated (currently 2 points above relegation zone, but would have to play a relegation play-off) they’ll have an option to buy Mavropanos. If they stay in the Bundesliga, it becomes a obligatory purchase option.

Not remotely buying that he’s a 25m player. And no, I haven’t watched him in Germany.

Bye Mav. :wave:


Was a great sign for this kid when we signed him and Wenger didn’t even bother to learn his name lol


Poor not to have a sell-on if that is the case, but other than that I don’t blame the club, this player was very injury prone and it was hard to tell if he could shake that off, while 12 months back we were way overloaded with defenders at the club, some that were quite hard to shift, with squad registration limits.

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Never expected him to be much of a contender for us but what does amaze me and this is a long term thing, the amount of talent that we produce of sign at a young age that may not be arsenal first team grade but always seem to go on a do a job lower down elsewhere, we never ever seem to benefit from it. You see Chelsea or Liverpool getting £15m+ for players like this.
If we’re looking to young talent to make big bucks then this is where we should also be looking to make money not just letting anyone have our cast off for a pittance.


We do have one, apparently it’s 10%, which is bollocks.

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Something at least, but I agree we could have secured a lot more. Stuttgart were desperate to keep him last summer while they were short on money. We bad good leverage for a high sell-on clause but it did seem at the time that we were very soft with Sven M in negotiations, for whatever reason.

Garbage gone.