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Mislintat working his magic


Lost their best player over the summer for 25m to Fiorentina and their starting GK too for about 15m. Was allowed to invest 13m in the team, but I know how y’all hate context so we’ll just ignore that :+1::+1::joy::joy:

Fixed it for you, removed the last sentence. Now this is a proper post that doesn’t include needless trolling and offending people.


He’s been sold

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Sounds like he has been semi decent though, why would he want to play in German second division?

They’re probably gonna sell him. Or perhaps do some sort of loan to buy deal to get around any potential blocker of him being sold twice in the same window.

Didn’t Barcelona buy and sell Emerson Royal in the same window? I thought the only blocker was playing for more than 2 teams?

Edit: Just checked and they actually bought Emerson in 2019 and loaned him to Betis.

Such a low ball dud this clown was.

Think that’s harsh. Not good enough, sure but he only really had a couple of seasons here as a 20/21 year old and been on loan since.

Was a rolll of the dice signing and didn’t work out, few mil profit and on we go.

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Yeah I don’t get why stroller is rough on a guy who didn’t cost us any games or wages; and quietly went about to forge his career elsewhere.

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He’s a punt worth taking. Low risk option, unknown talent ceiling but seems we’re turning a profit on him which is the best outcome in these type of low risk scenarios. Not a good player, certainly found his level at the lower reaches of the Bundesliga but happy to move him on

Well we did lose to Leicester a while back when he got sent off early doors.

Though I do agree with your overall point. He was far from being a major problem for us.

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When was that?

Google tells me is was May 2018. So a while back to be fair.

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An I don’t think I watched that game probs why I don’t remember it.

Subbed twice in two half time appearances. Once against a relegation candidate when the main CF was sent off.
One red card dismissal.
I can’t see me calling him a dud that far off the mark personally. :man_shrugging:

I just think there would have needed to be certain expectations against him for him to be considered a dud. It was a signing made in hope rather than expectation. Just different interpretations perhaps.


Can’t make this up.


Classic Arsenal business :joy:

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Fair play to Stuttgart for making the most out of our retarded business department :clap: