Kostantinos Mavropanos

Welcome to Arsenal!

Guess he is going out on loan now. I don’t know him, but our new scout should have brought him here so i trust him.


He is a weird looking dude.


Feel for the lad, whatever defensive qualities he does posses will be coached out of him rather quick


looks much older then he actually is as well, looks like he’s seen a lot of things and had a hard life

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Being a greek is not easy these days.

I wouldn’t want him staring at me.

Another buy then loan out player… Fuck


Another player for the future … looks like Wenger will be signing a contract extension.
We are fucked .


Welcome to Arsenal Football Club .
Here is the treatment room , you’ll be seeing an awful lot of it . Your treatment table is the 8th on the right hand side . Make yourself comfy …

Looks a good player on the video . Let’s hope he can defend like that for The Arsenal.


Welcome Mavro!

I want to trust our new scout. He is well-known for having discovered the likes of Hummels and Dembele.

I’m pretty sure Dembélé was discovered well before he went to Dortmund. I mean, if I knew of him during his time at Rennes I’m pretty sure everyone else did :joy:


I think you need to manage you expectations about the players we’re going to sign. I wouldn’t be surprised if we go the BVB-route with the appoinment of Milsintat (a lot of younger players with here and there a more proven one). Which was our ‘model’ in the first place anyway.

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There is nothing wrong with being a player “for the future”, provided we strengthen the first team too. This Kos Mav dude could turn out to be the Greek Maldini and then we’ll be like, “we discovered this guy, he was playing for F.C. gdkchbdgksndbgak before us” :sunglasses:

He’s got a decent head on him


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Wenger:" No, don’t head it! Pass it" :wenger:

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I hope he realises that when he plays for us there are going to bigger crowds than he’s used to playing in front of.
Most of those games looked as if one man and his dog were cheering them on.

Yeah but they probably still made more noise than our fans at the Emirates sometimes!


He’s 6ft4 and likes to get his head on shit, I like him already

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what is the liklihood of us actually seeing him play for us though, i say slim to none. The guy does look promising but pretty much 100% of players we buy and then loan we never have back with us.

The likelihood is we don’t have a clue. Good luck to him.