Kia Joorabchian (Fuck Out!)

Because of the Soares thread. I don’t have a Athletic subscription, but found this on reddit from an article Gunnerblog wrote about Joorabchian and his relation with Arsenal/Sanllehi/Edu:

  1. He’s a Gooner
  2. Will help us sign more South American talents
  3. Contacts with Chinese clubs - Can sell players there
  4. Close relations with Raul Sanllehi
  5. Tried buying Arsenal, but too expensive
  6. He’s faced charges of money laundering
  7. Wenger was unwilling to do business with him
  8. Historically, Kia had the last word over Edu
  9. Earlier, Kia used to shift his clients to Chelsea - Ramires, Oscar, Piazon, Luiz, etc. Now, he could make his new base Arsenal.

Arsenal are basically fucked end have become a plaything for this guy.

There is no Arsenal class being associated with a person like this. Plenty of incompetence over the years here but this is a lower level of failure.
Form is temporary Class is not gets challenged to the max here. Possibly the saddest indictment among all the other shit on show at this club.

  1. He’s a cunt.

  2. Threat title fixed


Has a very shady past

This is what you get when you have an owner who knows nothing about the sport he’s associated with and cares about the club even less.

From Gazidis to Sanllehi and Joorabchian.
We seem to employ liars and cheats who must have blagged their way into the club and because of his stupidity and lack of knowledge, Kroenke employed them.

Joorabchian tried to buy Fulham and Southampton and was involved with the Tevez fiasco.
It’s funny how people still think of us as a club with “values” and doing things the “Arsenal way” but with these incompetent crooks running the club, nothing could be further from the truth.

Anyone still think Kroenke and his cohorts are a better option than Usmanov?

  1. Took him out of the Arsenal section cos fuck that

Without question. I’d have stopped watching Arsenal overnight if Usmanov had ever gotten control.

I think a lot of supporters are coming to the same conclusion if Kroenke stays in control.

It’s a choice between watching world class players playing for us and looking down the league table at spurs, Man U and Chelsea.
Or sticking with Kroenke and seeing the worst Arsenal teams most of us can remember, while looking up the league table at clubs like Wolves, Southampton, Sheffield United as well as the big clubs who used to be our rivals.

Most owners are crooks but you don’t hear many Chelsea or Man City supporters wanting their owners out or wanting to give their PL titles back.


I mean, it’s not a choice anymore as Usmanov is thankfully gone.

And yeah, good for them and you and anyone else who can stomach it, I’m only speaking for myself.

Who is this dude?

Our real director of football


I tried to tell you guys when Arsene left that this was the state of affairs but I was called a troll ect. Glad the lights are finally coming on for the rest of you :+1::+1::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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To be fair, I’ve been saying this since we moved to the Emirates and Kroenke became our owner and employed compulsive liars like Gazidis.

As bad as our players, manager, owner and performances are, we can’t even cling onto our reputation for class and values.


Wenger was the last bastion as far as Arsenal class was concerned.

That’s f’ckin gone now. We’re about as classy as a lady of the night working in the day.

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Think Wenger and Fergie were onto something with keeping distance with super agents. Ever since Raul opened the door to Kia we’ve been taken for a ride. Likewise with Ed Woodward.


Yeah mate our days as a top club are long gone, unless our ownership changes hands we’re going to experience a long run of mediocrity finishing anywhere from 6th-12th in the seasons ahead.

I previously had hope Arteta could slowly turn things around, but with the contract extensions in the last few days I’ve lost pretty much all hope for this club in regards to becoming relevant again.


I read an article that lolpool have spent the most on payments to agents, around 40m. Second place is City. Guess that’s the future by the looks of it. There’s no real club loyalty or prestige anymore. Just entities, mercenaries that if you pay the agent and player enough u gain their services. Just another reason as to why football is turning to shit. Conversely we paid 13m, looks like Raul is trying to reverse that trend and get these types of slimeballs more involved.

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Well that makes for terrifying reading

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:joy::joy::joy: doesn’t it just. Happy Saturday night mate

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