Kevin De Bruyne

Second best player in the world?

  • Yes
  • No

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For me yes. He’s also the best player I’ve ever watched live. Incredible player and the best in the PL for me.

I think he’s in the conversation and I rate him as the best in the premier league when his up and going.

Still don’t think I could declare him outright 2nd at this point in time though.

Stick them in a cage together with a football in scenes not unlike a certain TV ad off of the 1990s.

That’s surely how you can find out who’s betta than who

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I mean he’s up there but then there’s:

De Jong

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Ridiculous, Messi is better than De Bruyne. He’s still the second best player in the world.

Messi is #1 you fool


I’d have Mane in that list over a few you mentioned.

Personally I’d probably have Mpabbe 2nd or Neymar if he ever gets some continuity.

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Needs a big international tournament or Champions League and be the difference to be as high as second for me.


Neymar, Mane, Mbappe, Salah, Sterling, Van Dijk are better off the top of my head


Also Neil Maupay


These kinds of debates are really best after about 7 pints of Guinness…

was going to say that I think Agüero and Sterling probably better than kdb so he’s probably not even top 2 at his own club atm lol (that said I genuinely think kdb is amazing, love him as a player).

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I don’t think Aguero anymore, I rate him highly obviously but I think he’s had a slight decline in terms of movement last 6-9 months.

Fixed it for ya.

Nah chief.

Who was City’s best player two seasons ago? Who’s their best player this season?

How is KDB not as good as Sterling or Aguero?

He is a phenomenal player. Rate him very highly.

well I guess it depends, we’re comparing three players in three different positions in a sense, I also absolutely love the way kdb plays so it’s hard to pick out why he is worse than other players. but I guess Sterling’s form has been exceptional, maybe he’s slightly more influential. Looking up Agüero’s stats in the last three seasons you mentioned, he has 75 goals in 100 apps, or 51 in 69 league games and scores in big games a lot as well.

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Ronaldo is no where near #1


Yeah their curves intersected a while ago. Love me some Aguero, but he is probably entering twilight.

Disappointed you left Martinelli out of that list