Kasper Dolberg


This guy is something special.

Already on a hatrrick today after 25 minutes. He’s really on fire this season. @Cristo I’m actually jealous of you! Wish he was Dutch haha.


First goal was brilliant too



As much as I want to say he is the next Ibra/Suarez/RvN he could also be the next Kezman/Altidore/Wolfswinkel…

Ideally we win the the league this season and he is so impressed with us that he asks Bergkamp to make a deal and he becomes the Danish Henry for us but more likely he’ll end up on the bench at Barcelona or Bayern and we’ll never hear from him again.


worth buying in Fm17 aswell :wink:


Manchester City scout Sebastian Arnesen confirms the club are “keeping a very close eye” on Kasper Dolberg

So how long will Ajax manage to keep him?


Not fair all these moneybag teams and the ‘elite’ just stockpiling players which they have no fucking chance of playing. Like Barca for example, They have Neymar, Suarez, Messi a stacked academy but yet constantly fucking targeting all the wonder kids and upcoming potential superstars…where in the living fuck are they going to play them all. Then you have the cunts like City and Chavski etc that stockpile also and never even fucking play them, yet again when in the fuck are they going to get game time with them.


What wonderkids do Barca stockpile? Could you name a few?


I didnt say barca stockpile KIDS i said they stockpile PLAYERS. They are cunts with it also, they tap up and piss all over clubs whilst having the ‘fuck your club come and join the best club in the world’ attitude.


Hope Dolberg stays with Ajax for at least 2 seasons.


Milik went after two seasons, but Dolberg is younger and Milik is probably more of an exemption. I think he’ll stay for another two seasons at least.


we on the otherhand stockpile cash


They have a squad of 22 players, we have a squad of 29.

So they are telling potentially interesting players the truth?
I really don’t get what the problem is here.


Not saying I agree with stockpiling comment buy didn’t Barca get a transfer ban for something like that?


I have read some other clubs’ forums and many rate this lad. Do we think he could be potential Arsenal material?

Seems like a decent clinical goal scorer, young and still developing.


I hope he stays at Ajax for the next two seasons. Doubt it though. It’s so easy for big clubs to sign these young players, evaluate them during pre-season and decide wether to loan them out or use themselves.


We should try and sign him. But we won’t.


He’s the type of up and coming young striker we should pursue.

Leave the Kylian Mbappe’s and Anthony Martial’s to the Real, Barca, United, Chelsea, City, PSG etc. of the world.

We should be going for the younger players that are making ripples in football and doing well but have a more lowkey profile.

Obviously I’m biased, but he seems to have everything in his locker. Strong, fast, good dribbler, great shot, good balance, great finish, very composed - it’s like he’s got ice in his veins. I don’t see him score many headers though and I’ve heard that he’ll often stay up top and not get that involved in the game but then just pop up and score two goals out of nowhere.

Ajax fans on Reddit are saying he’s the best striker talent they’ve had since Suarez, which is high praise. I’m just always skeptical of the Eredivisie - even Kezman and Altidore looked like fucking world beaters there.


Yeah I think this has been his breakout season, but staying for another season at Ajax to build on his talent and development would not be a bad move but by then he might be as highly valued as Mbappe and then we’d never get him.

I’d love it if Arsenal bought him this summer, but when was the last time we bought a highly rated, breakout young player? I can’t remember it haha

Also it’s kind of funny because Dolberg can’t get into the national team for some reason. Jørgensen, Yussuf Poulsen and Cornelius (of Cardiff City fame) all keep him out of the team. It’s fucking insanity.


Eredivisie is Mickey Mouse, granted, but it did produce gems like Suarez and Zlatan. Especially the Ajax produce is always something special in my opinion.

As for Kezman, that he failed doesn’t mean he is necessarily shit. Shevchenko also disappointed when he moved to England, but I can’t say he was particularly shit when he played for Milan. Kagawa went to United and flopped, but at Dortmund he is a very good player.

I would go for Dolberg. Worst case scenario we sell him again, but he seems cool as a cucumber and solid in his development.


He is just so good. Buy him now!