Kasper Dolberg


Couldn’t agree more. Its the type of thing Dortmund do with young talents of the World as Bayern seem to have first dibs.

We aren’t capable of battling the giant clubs when it comes to high profile players, so definitely agree these are the mould of young players we should be looking at, at worst!


It’s about finding the middle ground between youth dross like Sanogo and super hyped youngsters like Mbappe and players like Dolberg and Dortmund’s Dembele really fit that mould. Young and inexperienced enough to be affordable but good enough to have a significant positive impact on the team from the get go.


I’ve been fairly forgiving of Wenger for not signing a top class striker, because it isn’t an easy thing to do. What I can’t get my head around is that we haven’t signed a top striking prospect, because that is something that should be well within our capabilities.

Like when was the last time we had a truly promising young striker? Our attempts to improve our striking options since van Persie left have been so poor.


That’s one of the most frustrating things not only were we not buying one we weren’t making anywhere near good enough an attempt to bring one through either.

Really shouldn’t be an excuse for a top club to not have a few exciting prospects in that area tbh especially when they lack a bona-fide #9 like we do.


The problem Wenger has, is that because we haven’t got a top quality striker, and all the other clubs have, in some cases more than one, it’s going to be even more difficult to catch them up.

If we do buy someone like Dolberg, we will have to wait for him to get used to the PL, and there is no guarantee he will make it anyway, and while we’re waiting there is just as much chance of all the other top teams producing a good young striker as well.

I’m not sure how Wenger is going to get out of this mess, because we can’t, or won’t, splash out for a ready made top goal scorer and for us to wait even longer than we have for a player like Dolberg to come good is unacceptable.

Like you say, he should have gone for a player potential, after selling RVP, that might have turned out to be decent quality.
Other clubs must have better scouting than we have because they all seem to have what they need.
Why are we still waiting?


Ideally we should be buying both.


I’m not really concerned about whether other teams also produce a top young striker, we can’t affect their transfer business or player development so I’d rather just concern myself with what we’re doing to solve our issues.

If we assume that we cant sign a top striker (and we haven’t yet so that’s basically a fair assumption) then the choice is basically between us carrying on with the options we have or buying a talented youngster and developing him alongside our current options. The latter might end up bearing fruit, the former certainly won’t. It’s a no-brainer.


Argh! Just read Ajax don’t want to sell him for another year. Need to act quickly if we don’t want to pay a shitload of money for him next year.


The thought of a Mesut/Kasper link up



Won the Eredivisie Talent of the Year™ award 2016-2017




pfft, people act like we haven’t signed Takuma Asado.


10/10 for effort on that pun


More realistic target than Mbappe, tbh.