Karim Benzema

Should have moved him to Former Gunners instead. :eyes:


Whoever made that meme forgot to add never to ask Benzema how much money he’s made from blackmailing his own teammates.


Were we actually close to signing him? I don’t remember it’s so fucking long ago

Think we were heavily rumoured on twitter in 2015 as our summer hype signing after Özil and Alexis the previous two summers haha.

But we ended up with just Cech :santi:

On a Real Madrid forum somewhere, they’ve just started a thread about Lacazette

Not signing a decent striker like Benzema, while persisting with Giroud, cost Wenger his job.
He wouldn’t have been my first choice but Benzema, playing in front of Ozil and Sanchez with Giroud as back up, would have been a very effective forward line.

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I’m surprised there wasn’t already a thread on Benzema. @Aussiegooner must just be allergic to starting threads, otherwise there most definitely would have been one.

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If we signed Suarez, Benzema or Higuain anytime between 2013-2016 I feel like we would have instantly elevated to a title contending team


About time this damn fine footballer got his own thread.

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Benzema CUNT


Yes we needed a space to call him a blackmailing cunt

Karen Benzema


If we hadn’t signed Alexis I think you’d have his name on a list like this. I think the reason we didnt challenge was largely Wenger, not personnel. I used to think “if we’d added just one extra top player we’d have been in with a shout” but I think late stage Wenger would always have been an obstacle to that.

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When we signed Ozil and then Sanchez, as good as they were, we still needed a top quality striker to play in front of them.

That’s why I think @SRCJJ is right that if Wenger had signed either Suarez, Benzema, or even Aubameyang a couple of seasons earlier, we could have won the PL title, especially the season Leicester won it.

But I agree, Wenger had become stubborn and indecisive in his last few seasons and really wasn’t making it easy for himself.

No @JakeyBoy is right. Wenger couldn’t embrace a title challenge.
He was mentally fragile and it was born out in his teams and why we fell away.
The Leicester season just highlighted it.

Our teams were flawed and they knew it. Obviously they didn’t believe they could win leagues. If they had a 30 goal Suarez lifting them up every week I’m sure they’d change their minds. We were relying on Welbeck to fire us back into the race ffs :joy:


I don’t like giving Wenger credit because he lost his killer instinct years before his sacking. Though a top tier striker, especially someone like Benzema might have brought back that ruthless streak in Wenger. So yeah I reckon he might have landed another title.

Though it’s important to remember how far off the pace a lot of those squads were, routinely punished by the mega teams by 5, or 6 goals. A striker doesn’t paper over those painful cracks.

Bit torn on this one tbh.

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This goes back to the Leicester title winning season for me.

Okay Wenger wasn’t rising up to the challenge but he wasn’t taking advantage of opportunities either. Both issues which run deep in this club now.


Clutch motherfucker

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39 goals 13 assists in all competitions now, still 6 league games and 2 CL games to go at a minimum.

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