Kanye West

I think we’re overlooking the potential spectacle of this guy having a presidential debate with Donald Trump.


Love Kanye, but this is too much. Don’t even think he’s crazy, just (mis) calculated and disrespectful. Can’t and won’t stand with him on this - disgusting behaviour.

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To think Kim Kardashian kept the demons sleeping for as long as she did.
I admire Kim now.

How has he not been sectioned yet?

If you’re making that nut job Alex Jones do a double take then you know you’ve lost the plot


That ‘okhay’

Even Alex Jones can’t keep up

I wont lie, this coming presidential race is going to be very entertaining :slight_smile:

The debates are going to be mental

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For any US politico nerds, how likely is it Kanye could get on the ballot in all/most states? I’m assuming he won’t be either main parties candidate :slight_smile:

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The fucking state of this.

Tweet and article both since deleted :joy:

Also calling the nazis “thugs” might be understatement of the century Alex Jones…

I mean I guess he could run as an independent candidate which always happens but they just never get any votes.

Would he be the most famous independent candidate to ever run @Joshua ?

He doesn’t have a chance though, everyone knows he’s certifiably crazy.

Teddy Roosevelt ran as a third party candidate once upon a time.

Announce The Rock as President of America

Yea but if my understanding is correct (and I’m going off the West Wing here) you can’t just enter the ballot en bloc. Because of the way the electoral college works each state has its own rules about how you get on the ballot so while some are likely open others might require you to gather like a thousand signatures from residents (just making that one up for illustration). So I’ve no idea if it’s achievable or if he’d only ever be able to get on the ballot in a few states.

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/r/Kanye used to be the craziest most rabid fanboys regardless of the controversies

However they’ve now seen the light and turned the subreddit into a holocaust awareness page which is nice I guess

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I cannot believe the shit he said man. That was completely wild. WILD.

Bipolar and off meds or not, that was just… Bipolar people know not to say that.

Alex Jones gave him so many opportunities to qualify his racism or say he didn’t mean this he meant that. But he quadrupled down.

Crazy. Almost admirable in a way.

But he has mudded himself and it’s sad to see someone who’s music I loved now degrade himself to this now.

Most people will look at him and think he’s a crazy moron but it’s worrying that these awful viewpoints you’d at worst see in some idiot year 8-9’s mouth are now being espoused by a worldwide star on mainstream platforms.

What are the chances he actually means what he’s saying?

I thought that it was well known that he hasn’t been on his medication for years now and that this is likely just a prolonged and severe mental break caused by his various mental disorders?

I don’t know enough about him to really care or be clued in, but it seems pretty wild for him to be saying this stuff.

That’s not correct at all. Delusions are very common for people who are bipolar and not on their meds.

They can go Looney Tunes crazy without an intervention.


They can but I would still give bipolar people enough credit to not praise Hitler over and over on live TV.