Kanye West

Once upon a tume this thread would have been in a different part of the forum :grimacing:

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I love Kanye…'s music.

Shame he’s a nutcase.

He’s trolling for attention but fuck Kanye.

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You sure? I think he’s lost the plot.

That makes him perfectly qualified to be President. :grinning:

Kanye has lost the plot, but he’s being an attention seeking whore. Saying the craziest shit so that he remains in the limelight

Did he make a deal with Sketchers btw or not?

What a collaboration that would be. :rofl:
Imagine Kanye on QVC.

I’ve never really bought the narrative about Kanye being crazy. I think he’s calculated in what he says and knows exactly what the reaction to his shit is going to be.

Even when he has a good point he says in a way that makes it hard to empathise with him.

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Look at this shit

“They did good things too, we’ve got to stop dissing the Nazis all the time,”

I’m guessing twentieth century history isn’t his area of expertise.
If he is going to stand for President he’s probably just lost himself the Jewish vote.

He made comments about Jewish people and got rightly scolded for it now so he’s decided to go full anti semitic lol

What a cunt


Very odd how prominent African Americans get caught up in that kind of BS.

Just pure ignorance really.

Needs to get back on the lithium

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That narrow therapeutic index has probably pushed it into toxic levels for the poor sod

Looks like compliance is an issue. Now he’s going after the poor Jews because his psychiatrist happens to be jewish

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I saw that even alex jones tried to make Kanye disapprove of Hitler

Didn’t work out

Guy is totally lost

Lucky for him we’re like 1% of the population. Plenty of other votes up for grabs.

Kanye is the perfect encapsulation of someone who is a) bipolar, and b) off their meds.


While we were sleeping…

Chris Paul👇

If this guy somehow becomes the president of USA. Can’t even begin to imagine what a clownish nightmare that’ll turn out to be for America.