Kanye West

Yeah that’s what I thought as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending him at all but this clear seems like a guy who is not himself at all and people really shouldn’t be giving him a platform to do this to himself.

He should probably be sectioned/under conservatorship.

If you’re off your meds, saying this wild shit, and those around you aren’t pushing back, then I can absolutely see why this behaviour would escalate like this.

Doesn’t that come down to the person and the type of mental breakdown though?

Like, some people would argue that what he is doing is like peak crazy.

It doesn’t seem like a secret racist who has had enough and doesn’t want to hide anymore, this seems like a guy who has gone full doolally and has no idea of what’s up or down anymore.

At this point it genuinely wouldn’t surprise me if he topped himself.

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Same, these seem like the actions of someone in a mental health emergency.

Maybe. Not all people in mental health crisis go straight antisemitic.

There is a personal factor there

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Why do I hear that in my head with a Scottish accent?

Probably because it sounds like something Billy Connolly or Frankie Boyle would say haha


This time he’s gone too far


Liking Hitler is one thing, but this is on another level.

When I think of / see Mrs Brown’s Boys it really reminds me of the textbook terrible sitcom they do in Extras to take the piss out of terrible sitcoms.



I suppose Nestle and Nazi do sound quite similar. :grinning: