Kai Havertz (29)

Yeah he had a small cameo and I didn’t see anything wrong

I hope it doesn’t take him too long to hit his stride.

Because when he does, it’s gonna be scary. For other teams, of course.

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He is half arsing things. Making semi convincing runs and when he offers himself for a pass its not like “GIVE ME THE BALL NOW”. Seems like a personality flaw.


Liked what I’ve seen from him tonight, hope its just a matter of time before he starts scoring because he is making good moves into the right areas and giving us another potential threat


One of the biggest reservations I had about him was his intensity and just how much dog he has in him in general.

Hope he gets the much needed goal tonight, he should play the full 90

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Some people will find something to moan about no matter how well things are going.

Can’t wait for it to start going well :slight_smile:

He had a good game today but I agree with you. He has no bite in his game.
The goal Odegaard scored, I don’t think I will see that initiative from Havertz.

When he was through on goal, He decided to roll the ball back to make a safer pass.

Did fine again tonight :grinning:

not able to watch due to work, I know he did not have a goal nor assist, but how was his performance?

Really good performance. He’s a cheat code with Raya. That touch from a long ball later in the game was simply exquisite, his opponent had to pull him back or we would have another dangerous counter attack.

Wish he was on the scoresheet today but he was a victim of everyone wanting to score today.


@Jules did not sound like it

I thought he was ok. His best performance so far, but the bar is low.


at least it was not “bad”, and the bar is low, I know :slight_smile:

People said the same sort of thing about Ode too and he is making folks roll back those assessments now.

Obviously he hasn’t been hugely impressive but I think we are starting to get a feel for the threat he can offer in future with the type of positions he is getting into or looking to get into.

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Well, I sure hope so

No, he was really good, especially in the second half.

Could have been on the scoresheet if his teammates passed him the ball when he was free in the box, and it happened a lot of times, but everyone was trigger happy, for obvious reasons.

He had a big chance in the second half that he instead chose to pass to Jesus who nearly scored his second which I found I ironic.

It will come. He’s clearly still not high in confidence but I feel once he’ll be some player for us.

Btw, on another note, his defensive work keeps surprising me. It was biggest worry about him but it’s even proving to be a strength of his.


Really wanted him to score tonight…alas.


Thanks …

And most importantly, a win.
A step forward to top this group and have an “easier” opponent in round of 16

He’s kind of just there, doing the basics and keeping busy. Early days but he’s very much looking like the Chelsea stint has dented his confidence. Needs that spark to wake him from it if he’s to be a permanent fixture in the team.