Kai Havertz (29)

I’d like to Havertz him at Arsenal :grinning:

turns my stomach a bit this rumour ngl.


He was so highly rated in his Leverkusen days but from what I’ve seen - no no no no no no no no no.

Would you sign Havertz for Arsenal
  • Yes
  • No

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Big yes on this one for me.

The boy’s ass but something must give for people to be so high on him still.

His national team record is great too.

Why would you sign him?

Some reports claim his wages are 160k per week and others say he is actually making 300k. There is no way we are going to give him over 200k so it only seems possible if the current wage is the former and he’s willing to take a similar contract.

I think Havertz could potentially add a lot to the team - a left footer who can spell Saka, Odegaard, or play CF in a pinch. If I could sell Vieira for half we paid for him and replace him with Havertz, I do it in a cocaine heartbeat.


I’d only take Kai, if its to provide competition for our whole front 4. As a bench option, it’s an upgrade over what we have at the moment.

That said, I do think he’s not good enough — but statistically speaking we’re likely to have another 1 of our front 4 out for at least 1/3rd to a half of next season, so he could potentially fill that gap.

It’s a no for me as I think he’ll be really expensive. Don’t want to give Chelsea all that money.

Not sure he’s worth it either.


I wouldn’t worry about Chelsea the money, with the sense they’ve shown they’ll just spend it on some platinum toilet roll holders in the executive boxes.

I only want him ONLY he cover CAM and wide position.

He is no fucking #9


Yeah, that’s the rub isn’t it. He doesn’t score enough goals or really do anything else well enough in those areas (imo) to be a real option at striker.

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but he definitely has the skill set to be a dangerous attacking players, just not an out-and-out striker

same shit for DFB for the past 10 years or so… they have so many fucking hybrids that could play every attacking positions but just not producing a quality striker.
Reus, Sane, Gnabry… you name it

When you use him properly


by my observation… he is kind of like Poldi.
Not the type of player who works hard on pressing.

this is my concern.
other than that, he is skillful enough

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Isn’t the Danish lad that @Cristo wants just a cheaper version of Kai? If we want this profile, we obviously go for the cheaper option if it gets the Jobbe done.

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I’m for this :+1:


Richarlison was doing bits for Brazil too, that’s all well and good but if you aren’t also doing it domestically then it doesn’t mean much