José Mourinho

Would be bizarre thinking given that Conte teams are very energetic even if the football isn’t always pretty on the eye. They cover more ground than any other team in Italy, which is why Conte likes to work with a big squad.



Common sense isn’t something I’d attribute to a Mourinho employer though.

At Inter Marotta at least has a rapport with Conte knows his methods, what he is about etc. This seems more like them hoping that he can duplicate what he has done in the past without there being any grounds for that.


Mourinho has Jim Jones level manipulation skills. It’s clear as day how toxic and disruptive he is but these club owners keep hiring him. It’ll be interesting to watch his next chapter as a side show.

The new owners at Roma got bamboozled. Such a ridiculous move. They’re dumping a young coach for a washed up Mou. I hate this appointment so much. That footballing nihilist shouldn’t be anywhere near a ground that Totti used.


Didn’t even need to google to know these clowns are most likely American.

Gotta explore banning all of them from European football


TFG are American owners. I believe they’re based in Dallas?

I’m not ever going to agree with the sentiment that American owners should be banned. That’s the kind of thing that leads to weird gatekeeping and European supporters pretending that Americans don’t know anything about the sport when in reality there are plenty of shitty European owners out there, getting bad advice and being bamboozled. The big difference is the media coverage. Everyone know that Daniel Levy was getting his pockets run when he hired Mourinho, but the press framed it as a coup.

Interestingly, one of the Roma bloggers I follow also believes this is a coup for Roma and that any skepticism regarding the appointment is from PL supporters who don’t like Mourinho. I’ll bet that guy is singing a different tune come October when Roma grind out a 0-0 with Sampdoria and Nico Zaniolo is an unused substitute for the third consecutive match running.

Their squad needs as much surgery as ours does so it’s weird they went for a guy who’s whole shtick is spending big, winning now and leaving absolute carnage in his wake.