José Mourinho

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José Mourinho in tears after reaching the Conference final. Might not be the biggest final in his career, but man does this show how much he loves the game. Imagine not loving this man.

It really isn’t that difficult as he has no modesty and no class.

I agree with @Iceman, he’s done nothing for the game.
He spent more than any other manager but plays boring football and it was his spending that was responsible for players prices and wages becoming inflated.

He is one of the most petulant wind up merchants in the game and the way he repeatedly goaded Wenger was childish but he did it because he knew Wenger played more attractive football, on the fraction of the budget he had at Chelsea.

It’s cringeworthy the way the sycophants in the media fawn all over him.


I ain’t reading that
but I agree
Jose Mourinho is a lovely guy and and a top, top manager

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Who is he? Why does he sound so humble?

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Perhaps it’s just a coincidence but he’s been very humble since he took that long break after losing the Man Utd job.

This is worth a watch:

He also said some interesting things about Arsene after Arsene retired. Essentially, he realized what Arsene had at Arsenal was something he wanted.

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Controversy sells.




By his standards I would agree he was pretty subdued at Spuds, but he was still a bit of a sulking unprofessional mess during the last few months of his job there, which helped along the decision to fire him even if the payoff for the remainder of his contract was massive. I do think he has mellowed a bit but there is still the element of the two season cycle with him, where the first season will have the honeymoon period, so you’ve seen a lot of that as part of his tenure at Spuds, and now at Roma.

He also won UEFA Cup and CL with Porto, which tends to conveniently get left out any time someone isn’t a fan of Mourinho.

Inflated player prices and wages is a far deeper and wider-reaching issue than just Jose spending money lol you see the exact same phenomenon in basically every other sport around the world.

The sport gets bigger, more viewers, more advertiser interest, more income for teams, more money for players. There are NBA players who make close to 1m/week in salary, I guess they have Jose Mourinho to thank lol


People also forget he won a treble with Inter Milan who weren’t even in the conversation for CL favourites when he arrived.


The prices and wages for players in the PL went up after Mourinho’s unprecedented spending.
If his no spending business model was so successful at Porto, why didn’t he continue with it at the other clubs he went to?
He had the best players in Europe but continued with the same effective but boring style of football?

I can remember when Man City had new owners and with no sense of irony, Mourinho complained that he couldn’t keep up with that sort of spending.

I’m not arguing about his success, my point is he’s petulant, arrogant and frequently insulted our club, the players and the supporters, which is also conveniently forgotten.

Are you genuinely suggesting that if a manager is at a club that has money available to spend on players, they should not spend it in order to prove their ability? If not, then you have the answer to your question already.

No one is saying he hasn’t spent money lol but can you provide some more evidence to back up your claim that wages and fees went up after his spending? Not temporally either, I mean evidence that shows that his spending in particular is the primary reason for this happening.

So out of all this essentially you’re saying he plays boring football, which is fine, but not something fans really care about if they get trophies from it. But you are more than welcome to have the opinion that you don’t find his football enjoyable.

He paid inflated fees and wages to attract the best players to a club that had no history.
So the selling club would charge the highest price because they knew Chelsea wouldn’t take no for an answer.

They in turn had to pay for a replacement which meant the club they bought from would also inflate their price because they knew they were sitting on the money Chelsea had given them.
When Mourinho went to Chelsea, he spent around 150m in his first window and that was when world class players were around 40m
He was also buying bench players for more than our record spend, while still playing boring football.

As I said before, he’s petulant, got no class and has repeatedly slagged off Wenger, our players and the supporters, so why should any Arsenal supporter not treat him with the contempt he deserves?

People need to understand that everyone has enjoyed Mourinho as a personality more than Mourinho as a manager.
Mourinho’s football, even at it’s peak, was been dreadful and Pep/Klopp have come in & showed that you can win things playing truly entertaining football.

He actually spent £90m in his first season and £7m of that was spent on Cech who was signed before he even arrived so his actual spending was a shade over £80m

His highest transfer was the Drogba signing at £24m then Carvalho at under £20m. Both great signings too

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That’s not really evidence of what you are saying though and it’s not overly specific either, but I don’t disagree that that kind of mechanism did happen with Chelsea.

Like I said before, it’s deeper and more complex than that and your references don’t account for why salaries of players in various different sports have also gone up. Is Mourinho also to blame for the rise in player salaries in the NBA? Or the NRL? You’d be hard pressed to find a sport where that same thing hadn’t happened relevant to that sports respective circumstances.

The growth of the game and subsequent further investment and advertising/broadcast revenue plays a far greater role.

If you don’t like him because he says bad stuff about Arsenal then that’s fine, I just don’t buy that Mourinho spending money on players is why high wages and fees are rife in football today, and I think it’d be like this even if Mourinho never existed.

You also didn’t address my question about whether Mourinho was supposed to not spend despite the club he was managing being capable of doing so.

His Madrid and Inter sides were a joy to watch.

People also forget Italian teams were breaking world records for fun at last half a decade before Jose became Chelsea manager


His Inter side had a glorious CL run but the football they played in the Serie A - especially in season one - was some of the worst I’ve ever seen a title winner play lol. It was awful to watch he got a lot of criticism for it even in Italy


I admire people who can derive joy from affliction