José Mourinho

But isn’t Pep a fraud?

He is indeed

But not fraudy enough to prevent using him as an example of good football being successful?

Yes indeed.
I call him a fraud for a different reason than the on pitch quality of football

I loved it. Especially his treble winning season.
That shit was peak. The tactics, the antics, the passion, the drama.
The battles with Roma, Barca and Bayern. :pinched_fingers:


Roma must still be fuming about that treble season lol. Inter snatched both the Serie A and Coppa Italia away from them…barely.


It didnt require Pep and Klopp to come in and demonstrate that, others had already done it. Ferguson and Ancelotti proved it after Mourinho won the league in 05 and 06, and ya boy Weng had demonstrated it just before those Mourinho/Chelsea wins.


Right? Poor Ranieri did everything possible.
And now Mourinho is at Roma. :rofl:

This is my viewpoint entirely.

I can fully appreciate his managerial achievements, and I really do enjoy his personality and character.

But he was an absolute top tier, premium quality CUNT when we competed against him back in the day. The disrespect he showed Arsène and Arsenal was absolutely shocking.

He seems to have calmed down over the past few years, matching his decline as a manager.

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I only meant transfer fees and wages in the PL.

I’ve got no problem with him spending but it’s not as if he’s a manager renowned for bringing through youth players to build a team, he tends to buy success rather than building it.
My opinion of him is biased anyway because I have no respect for him.

Sky cashing in on Mou, again.


Mou really did drive Pep out of Barca.
Bit of a shame tbh. Pep v Mou rivalry was fucking entertaining. I remember there was a season back then where Madrid and Barca played like 4-5 times in a span of a month or so and the games never disappointed.
The pressers were probably as good as the matches.

Jose’s Inter we’re the first team that really rattled Barcelona and his Real Madrid team definitely pushed Jose out of Spain

We’ve seen Pep at Manchester City for like 5/6 years now so it’s clear as day he’s more than capable of doing a long term stint at a club he just couldn’t deal with losing to Jose at the time

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It helps that Mourinho hasn’t been a proper rival for about 10 years now. Klopp is his main rival and Jurgen’s never had much interest in engaging in psychological warfare.

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I always think Jose was driven by a desire to destroy Pep and for a couple years he really rattled him.

A legendary rivalry it was - definitely Pep’s greatest adversary


Yeah, no wonder Mou left shortly after that as well.
I think a big reason Mou stayed in England after coming back to Chelsea was the sheer competition with the cream of the crop in management, with guys like Pep, Conte, Wenger, Klopp, Ancelotti, etc.

I know he changed the past years but I do think he’ll be back once he sees out this Roma project.

I took that interview as Spanish Media pushed Pep out of the league rather than Mourinho.
Mourinho did help the media create the drama so in a way he pushed him out yes but as per Pique, Pep didn’t like the constant focus on non football focus