Jorginho (20)

Correct were 5 points clear on a dodgy Man u goal against City and a cheating Everton nicking a point at the Etihad :see_no_evil:

We clearly do, for what’s it worth I thought Dieg O’Maradona’s first goal against England in 1986 was even better than his second one :wink:

Too pitchy for you? Maybe he’s secretly got the range of Steve Perry?

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I say cup of tea Noddy says kipper tie


Do you have arguments with yourself by any chance?

Well there you go! Not a real football fan then IMO.

What is a real football fan out of interest.

Lol just an Irish Italian who’s footballing idol is Maradona, not anyone’s fault that the referee has bad eyesight and Peter Shilton was unable to jump higher than 10cms

The real answer is that there is no definition of a real football fan because the game means something different to everyone.


On a similar-ish related note, did anyone see/notice Tierney’s reaction after the winner? Does he seem like he’s in a better place?


It was him that Arteta hugged, wasn’t it?


Surprise you didn’t criticise the way he hugged Arteta lol

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Slowly making me retract my “endorsement” when we were linked with him.

Brilliant when Partey got injured but his last starts against Everton and the games against Sporting he was found out big time. Clearly targeted by opposition and when paired with Vieira and Xhaka it’s a shit show.

Could see him gone by next January tbh. Very much good enough for now signing.

Good player for a back up for the odd PL game agaisnt a bottom tier team at home and playing in early stages of League Cup and FA Cup. But still think we need a stronger back up for Partey that at the very least and even someone who’s going to be a long term replacement, if that’s Declan Rice so be it.

I have no issues with Jorginho but I just don’t think he’s someone at this point of his career you want to overly depend on.

Probably revisit this in the summer along with Xhaka. There have been rumours he was looking to go back to Italy and there was interest from there too.

Can accept one staying mainly because of what they bring to the dressing room but perhaps the two of them are an overkill.

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Played three or four passes right through Sporting’s defence in the first half. He offers us something.

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He’s not a bad player but there are clearly some deficiencies in his game that can be exploited if you don’t protect him properly.

At times he and Xhaka were being passed by like cones. Their players were clearly instructed to him a lot.

For me he should have been the one to get subbed at HT and Jesus to stay for a little longer.

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That’s gotta be a fitness thing. No issues with that sub. It’s leaving Vieira on for so goddamn long that bugs me.